Monday, July 31, 2006

Why "windy" angels? I believe many people that live on the prairies, particularly in Saskatchewan, do not like the wind. It messes up your hair. It blows dust in your face. It irritates your eyes, particularly if you wear contact lens as I do. For farmers it can be a mixed blessing. It can help with drying crops when there's been too much moisture. The wind can also blow seed away that has just been planted. It can make some crop dust particularly bothersome during harvest especially if one tends to allergies. Of course these days most tractors and equipment have cabs but this was not always the case. I recall my father wearing a kerchief or piece of cloth beneath his hat while combining, probably just another of his innovations, to keep the dust out of his face. He looked kind of comical but it must have provided him with some benefit. At harvest time the danger of fire was also present. Of course the wind would escalate the problems. So much for the glamour of farming. Maybe a small select few now find it glamourous but with machinery breakdowns and the ongoing battle with the weather I believe there is little prestige involved.

So why "windy" angels? Perhaps the windy part is to remind me that not everyone will always like me. They will not always like what I say or write or create. I have been very recently reminded that even what I say and do, even if I may be trying to help someone understand, will not always be received with open arms. I have learnt over the years that there will be "enemies" along the way. This has been an extremely difficult lesson to learn, especially as I am so sensitive. But I must get past these experiences. I must try to learn from them.

I think the most important reason however that I chose "windy" is because I try often to remind myself of God's prescence in nature, in all that is around me. I try to be reminded of the "holy spirit" which is seen through the wind. Of course I prefer the more gentle calming breezes but life often brings more harsh realities. The Spirit may be trying that much more to remind us of his presence.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cat with butterflies ~ maybe they'll cheer her up.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Originally uploaded by Windy Angels.
She'd gotten her hair cut in the afternoon and sparkles came with the styling. I took this picture later that evening. Though Cat was having a hard time not blinking with the flash and with trying to stay alert I was very pleased with this result. I think she's beautiful, though I guess I'm biased.


Originally uploaded by Windy Angels.
I took this photo a few years ago with a Canon AE1and have scanned it. I modified on Corel photo paint. I liked this result and hope to use it on collage sometime soon.

the gift of time
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be
seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. "

Helen Keller
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