Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday: Though today is Saturday and actually already Sunday in many locations, I need to tell you about my visit with Naomi yesterday and also show you these Friday's finds.
For anyone familiar with Julia Cameron's books, "The Artist's Way" and "Finding Water" you will know what I am talking of when I say Naomi and I have been doing some "time travel". We've been trying to determine some reasons why I go so frequently and quickly into activation, what I would describe as panic attacks. Because I've been having self regulation therapy for a few years already my body is somewhat accustomed to this reaction and I can often deal with it. The more I am able to tread gently around the edges of the activation the more I will be able to "flow through the challenges". Naomi believes there is probably not anything specific causing the concerns for me but instead a number of areas all in combination. Probably the most significant would be my childhood health issues, a general anesthetic, and more recently our daughter's health issues. So as we tread softly around all these issues I become exhausted.
Today was a day for recuperating. It was also a day for working more in that basement room. It's getting closer. I'll try to let you know as soon as it's more ready. I'm certain I'll feel more relaxed, and free, once I have our home more organized and ready to play, play, play.
When we were in Saskatoon yesterday I rewarded myself with some new fabric, angelina fibers,
some papers and heavy body acrylic paints, as well as a few postcards and paper items I got in an antique store just off Broadway, for anyone familiar with Saskatoon. I also got more wool roving and needle felting tools.
Over the next few days I'll be completing my journal quilt for March, getting ready for a swap, and hopefully sharing more about the needle felting. Until then I'll leave you with these first two pictures of the main level from the Avenue Building (built in 1913) where I go to see Naomi. It's a fabulous place.
Angels be with you.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Found - treasure chest: After the meeting was finished yesterday I told Greg I needed to go downtown a bit. He commented that there'd be time to pick up the mail yet - 4:50 p.m. allowed ten minutes. Surprise, surprise - there was a great huge parcel for me. Though it was expected, it was not. Pauline, "sweet memories", had sent me a package for the CaC swap for March. My goodness - what a treasure box I found. Pauline, you are such a sweetheart. There were vintage pieces, so many papers, pictures, embroidery cottons, threads, buttons, the beautiful vintage postcard, one of my favourites from the package, a wonderful journal, the box everything was found in, fabrics, pom-pom trim, dangly bead trim. And the list goes on and on.
A connection has certainly been created. I have received many items that are very appropriate for altered books. Hmm, too bad I have so many WIPs, including the disastrous cleaning of that space for a studio. However, when I think about it, I am acquiring so many lovely presents - I NEED A SETTING IN WHICH TO DISPLAY THEM. Onward and upward.
To view the individual photos and to get a larger view please go to my flickr site.

Angels be with you.
"Think like a frog" part 2 - please go to windyangelsandyou

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

YES! The meeting with school folk was fantabulous. We are very GRATEFUL to angel Stephen for all his support and all the other angels fluttering around us.
The image is from clip art - definitely NOT my own.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Craft challenge, swaps, give aways AND life:
About the craft challenge - I'm supposed to be doing about 15 minutes of crafting every day. I think I've kept up with that. I've just completed another mini-quilt to show - "love will carry you up". Other than that I have very little to show. I've been doing bits of knitting. I've been decorating envelopes for swaps and the give aways I did. I've always liked to decorate packages and cards. A couple of years ago, before I started doing art seriously, a friend asked me about the visual arts, I said, "No, I didn't think so." This particular friend had received numerous packages from me, each one decorated in some fashion. Now I consider myself to be an artist. Ah, friends. The same friend told me yessterday about being inspired, by me, to go back to writing poetry. Ah, friends.

Part of the challenge is about cleaning or organizing your studio. And so I started plugging along with that again. On Sunday Greg and Cat actually helped me with the cleaning a bit. Besides Cat helping, we had a little chat about how frustrated I get with the cleaning as in the process of sorting and cleaning out every nook and cranny, things get spread around everywhere. Cat insisted that she be there to try to help me laugh about it, instead of cry. My sweet beautiful angel. Sometimes she can be so thoughtful and perceptive. It really helped.
I won't be able to complete the organization this month and I also will not be able to start my etsy shop which was part of the challenge. Life has happened along the way. Two school meetings this week, meetings, bad roads - yesterday because of away meeting at Manitou and snow falling, temperature about 0 degrees C. Part of the way there was only one track. Oh well. I've actually been proud of myself.
The difficult meeting is later today. I have wonderful support. I will try my utmost to not get overly emotional. My new added mantra "I will flow through the challenges". Though my body is aching, I am seeing my therapist once a week until we get me past this difficulty. Once the emotional, psychological side is better managed, the physical side will improve too. Thanks to everyone keeping us in prayer. I am ever so grateful.

I'm not certain what I want to do with the piece of fabric. What would you do with it? It's about 8 1/2 x 11 inches. I was thinking maybe a journal quilt but not certain if I want to do much with it or just leave the rough details all showing. I hand dyed it a time back and had used the gel-glue technique. For some reason or other the glue did not all come off. Just recently I decided to sand it a bit. I don't mind that it is rough - more my style you understand.
Don't forget to click on each of the pictures to get better details.
The lavender and roving are from one of my "artist's dates" last Saturday. I was given about 1/2 hour in periwinkle quilting in Saskatoon. I want to try needle felting and so the roving, which comes with a single felting needle. They also have the other felting needles. I'll probably reward myself with one this Friday when I go back for another appointment with Naomi. All the little flowers - are for my inchies of course. As soon as I have my journal quilt done for this month and my swap package sent for the "cuppa tea" event, I'll have to concentrate on those. Hmmm - hopefully I haven't bittin off more than I can chew here. Naomi says keep doing the art so I guess I'll do that.
Angels be with you.

Monday, March 26, 2007

"All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life."
M.C. Richards

As found in 'the Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

art as business: (not from the seminar I attended though information you might be interested in if you've not already been made aware of it). from the Country Living women entrepreneurs issue. Here are some links to check for information:
Too late for this year but something to watch for later this year if you think you might qualify. You probably do. "Send us your story"
More articles and links:

More of "art as business" later.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Inchies and presents:
I'm feeling so exhausted today but it's the first day since Saturday that I haven't had any events outside of my home. Most days there have been two major events. Yesterday, for example, I had a speaking gig over the lunch hour. I was speaking about "faith creates". And then last night our chorus performed in the local music festival. It's a major event. The whole festival is two weeks long. When our 50 + member choir sings it is a major happening. Adjudicators all say they wish the school choirs could be there to hear us to see what a choir is really supposed to sound like. We spend much time practicing four songs and then we jump into all the rest immediately after so can be prepared for our concert in just a month's time.
Today I'm trying to catch up on just a few of my e-mails and comments. Sorry if I haven't been to visit or comment on your blog recently. Soon.

Please check out Debra's blog if you're not familiar with her. She sent me this most beautiful package with presents. It actually arrived on Tuesday but I was so sore that evening after I'd gotten home and had supper I decided to leave the present until I had more time to enjoy whatever treasures it might hold. When I opened the package yesterday morning I was blown away. Most of the items were specially prepared for me. I adore each and every piece. I could rationalize and say I am sleep deprived. That would be an excuse for being so easily led to tears. But then I might always be sleep deprived, for I am frequently so touched by the kindness of people, especially when I receive these meaningful creations. Thank you Debra. Thanks to everyone that has sent me a package over the last few months since I've been resident in blogland.

I am so grateful for my papercutter. After stamping and sponging purple on one of the blue pages with writing I started cutting. It won't take long to have 88 inchies well underway. And I think I've figured out how I can complete the flower inchies for the swap. I think I'll also use inchies for - wait a minute. That should maybe stay a surprise. Next step for these is inking. I like Chrysti's suggestion for inking 10 at a time. I'll see how it goes. the 12 inchies are just arranged on the scanner with a piece of paper for background. They are not complete. Although, I might just leave some of them simple but for adding edging and maybe one word.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Envisioning: postcards and card fronts and frames all with scatterings of inchies. This is only the second layer added - blue vellum, which was on hand, with text. I then did one tiny strip and am thinking I might not want to add much in line of huge, well you understand, pictures of anything. Obviously I need to do some edging but I like these for a start. I can see myself getting into this, maybe not in idea of truck loads, but perhaps tins (little) full. I'll see what I can dream up tomorrow.
Angels be with you.

Enough suspense - announcing the give away winners :
1. mini- quilt goes to altermyworld - Ang
2. pin goes to bluejude - Darcy
3. fabric fat quarters 1 goes to candes
4. fabric fat quarters 2 goes to Emily

I'll e-mail the winners in the morning AND try to catch up on numerous other e-mails and ideas and WIPs and posts of packages arrived and sent. For now I'm exhausted. I might try to do some more on a couple of inchies just for a change of scene.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beginnings of inchies, barely - just backgrounds:
Extremely busy day today with meeting, driving. Crafting for the day only a bit of writing whilst sitting at meeting. The two blue pages were done at previous meetings. I glued them to card stock. The butterflies are tissue paper glued to larger piece of water colour. Thursday and Friday should bring more crafting time. Tomorrow I'll post the winners of the give away, probably in afternoon as morning and evening are busy.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Inchies bandwagon but not much to show: Maybe you've been wondering what I've been busy with. I've been spending lots of time at this keyboard trying to keep up with giveaways, commenting on others and investigating those who have commented on mine. I've started, just barely, another series of mini quilts, before finishing the other two and I've started knitting two more hats, one for Cat to try to learn on and another for myself. Good thing the teacher is close by. I'm in final stages of decorating the envelope for my swap recipient. It was supposed to be sent a week ago. Thanks Jennifer for being so patient.
I've also been investigating inchies on the cloth paper studio group. I've decided to jump right in. I can hardly wait to get started. Notice I've done new links just about inchies. Of course I've been reading about them for awhile at artjunkgirls blog, but this seems addictive. Too bad this week is so hectically busy with meetings and talks and chorus singing in Music festival (fun but intense). I'm excited though about the art. The more I do right now the more I feel I want to. YES! Yes! Yes!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My friend Barbara - Please check this blog of my friend Barbara. She does absolutely wonderful work with fabric, fibers, her new embellisher, AND she writes fabulous poetry. I requested that she translate on her blog so I could read the beautiful poetry. It brings tears to my eyes that she has chosen to do that. Bless you Barbara.
Angels be with you.

Adelaide Heibel - vintage print

Another treasure found in the basement room. Click on the photo to read more at my flickr site.

Adelaide Heibel - vintage print

A treasure found. Read more at my flickr site.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

One world - one heart: This is where I first found the idea to do a giveaway and be part of a larger "gathering". If you want to see what my giveaway is about go to this post. You can comment there or on any post since then, until Monday March 19.
Angels be with you.

God uses his children: This piece was inspired by the work of Misty Mawn. I love Misty's art. The background was done using an article by Misty in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, Summer, 2006, Issue 7. I did this last June. Other parts of this were also from planned projects not yet completed so I am also doing part of the craft challenge with this piece besides just creating. It is not quite finished. I will be adding more parts - maybe covering some of my handwriting. Not sure when I'll finish it. The next few days are quite busy. It took me a long time to actually do any creating today - feeling quite wasted because of the school and difficulties with communication. I did quite well the last couple of days considering but today I felt extremely unproductive. I'm glad I thought of this background and looked up the magazine and some of Misty's recent work.

Angels be with you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Creativity allows my voice: collage - mulberry paper on card stock - digital image I created last fall for "voice". 8 1/2 x 11
Angels be with you.

Hat completed: This is not the best picture of Cat but I took it before she left for school this morning. She wore the hat today. "Old man winter" has returned.
This is the picture on my Catherine Simpson calender for March. This is totally today - cold, windy, snowing lightly. If you need to talk with anyone from Saskatchewan today you might not expect them to be very cheerful.
I love Catherine's work. I have her plates for each of the seasons and also have a tiny little card of the image which appears when you first enter her web-site. Take time to peek at Catherine's paintings. It will be time well-spent.
I love knitting. I'm not certain what the next project will be. I'll start another hat with different wool because Cat really wants to learn to knit also. I'd started her with some cotton yarn but realized - NOT good for a beginner, especially. I might actually start a third hat as I'll be doing road trips before I can get directions for starting something else new - socks I think.
I have made a decision to try to get immersed in clean-up but also want to start the etsy shop. I hope my energy does not wane in the next couple of weeks. I will remain optimistic - huh - better remember to breathe occasionally too.
I will try to do first installment of "art as business" over next few days. I will talk about more than just the seminar.
Angels be with you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Artist's date? It probably doesn't qualify as it was unplanned, I was just getting groceries and the mail and it only lasted for a few minutes. I was really in need of purchasing something for myself. The last 36 hours have been the kind where I frequently needed to remind myself to breathe. I was having difficulty concentrating for morning pages, and found it necessary to do affirmations whilst trying to get my three pages written. This is mostly in relation to Cat's education. We've come against some frustrations. We're going to be OK though. I did my two e-mails, one to angel helpers and one to the school principal. Once I've expressed my concerns I feel better. Now I have to trust that there will be the best outcome possible. It's kind of out of my hands.
I DID purchase this Country Living magazine today. I used to love to buy the magazine but haven't given myself the pleasure in the last while. Dear Mary Ann has had the opportunity to attend a couple of their events recently so I thought the least I could do is buy the magazine. I didn't even realize it was the entrepreneur issue with extra perks in the back. YES! WENDY -you made a good decision.

More finished projects to show tomorrow I hope.
Angels be with you.

Monday, March 12, 2007

What's all this fabric about? I have been slowly trying to clean and organize some of my art supplies while at the same time still trying to play. You're probably thinking - why don't I just concentrate on the organizing and THEN do the creating? Not how I function - absolutely NOT how I function. And the other thing is that I've joined a crafter's challenge because it is National crafter's month. I found it on my other blog at vox. Part of the challenge involves creating for 15 minutes/day. I could easily do that if life weren't happening all around me. I can hardly place myself in a bubble which is almost what Julia Cameron would suggest - oh right - that's totally another story! Other parts of the challenge include cleaning your space, a bit at a time, I say, and opening an etsy shop or renewing it if already have one. I guess I signed on to the challenge as inspiration but I am certainly not going to be able to say it is the end all and be all. You are supposed to give unused supplies away also. That's what the fabric and giveaway are about. In the process of trying to clean the bedroom downstairs so I can turn it into a studio, I found MORE fabric. In a way I was happy because I had feared I had sold all of it at garage sales over the past couple of years. Like I said this organizing is a slow process. Unfortunately not all of the fabric is something I appreciate and so the giveaway and so the invitation to swap.
I know you'll wish me luck with the challenge. Part of the giveaway is also to hopefully find more people that like my work so when I do open my etsy - well, you get the drift.
If you want to comment for the giveaway, don't know what it's about, need to see the other items besides the mini-quilt, please go to the previous post. You have a week to comment. One comment enters you but please feel free to comment as often as you like. It helps to fuel my creativity and efforts.
Someone had problems commenting so she e-mailed me. Please do the same if having difficulties. My e-mail is at my profile.
There were a couple of questions: about the size - the mini quilt is 4" x 6". The pin is about 1 1/4" diameter. Suze asked about the mauve fabric (very perceptive). You can see a portion of it here.

Back to life and hopefully playing.
Angels be with you.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My first giveaway: I completed my first mini quilt (click on the second image to get a better view). I decided I would also like to do a giveaway. You need to comment before end of day Monday, March 19 and I will announce the winners on Wednesday March 21.
I will draw for the mini quilt, the pin and two or three sets of the fat quarters. One comment enters you for all. If you are not at all interested in fabric please let me know. I'll just enter you for the other two.
If you are chosen as a winner you will need to e-mail me with your address.
In your comment please tell me your favourite colours or the colours you are presently playing with so I can have an idea of what type of other goodies I might include in your package if you are chosen.
I have LOTS of the fabric the fat quarters are made of so if you are interested in a particular piece let me know and maybe we can swap.

March 15 addition: One world - one heart: This is where I first found the idea to do a giveaway and be part of a larger "gathering".

March 19: Please note I'm extending the entry till tomorrow - March 20. I think I can have some time to add the names tomorrow evening after I finalize my 10 minute talk on "Faith creates" for Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the drawings and the talk. See you Wednesday.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wonderful giveaway at Violets are blue: I just happened across a wonderful surprise on the violets are blue blog. She's looking for 150 comments and will be adding even more items to the give away list. These are fabulous items being offered. Please check it out if you've not already done so.
Fabulous day here - hope yours is too.
I also found this link about more giveaways and had been thinking I should do one for somethiing different. Hopefully I can get the mini quilts finished soon so I can do that. Please check back in day or two.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Dream jar: Last Saturday on CaC (create a connection) a dream jar was suggested by Jennifer. I see she actually called it a wish jar. I like dream jar so will stick with that. I really liked the idea and finally got to making one last night. The photos are taken outside because I love "outside" and I am so happy the weather is being warmer and I can take pictures outside more easily again. The sun was, and still is, thank goodness, shining too - a perfect time for dreaming. I should mention that I got the images on the jar from the collage images pool at flickr, a wonderful sharing site. I think they were both from redbudinnh.
My dreams would include more reachable ones:
- starting an etsy shop and selling more of my artwork.
- getting a new kitten, cat.
- creating much more of my art.
- feeling more comfortable within my own body (long story - I'm working on it, with a very
good team I am told.)
- getting to spend a week by myself during which I can create to my heart's content (this has been happening every year for the past nearly 10 years thanks to Greg and other wonderful helpers).
- getting to create in a 100 year old house for a day or afternoon (I've been invited and have every intention of accepting the offer.
More far fetched dreams:
- getting to travel this year with Greg as we both turn 50 and will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year also. (I love to travel and we need time away with each other).
Pie in the sky dreams (the best kind sometimes):
- owning a horse and learning to ride.
- living in the country.
- living by the ocean.
- returning to Australia and New Zealand, particularly because I have friends there now.
- returning to Amsterdam - I love the flowers and other things.
- travelling to the UK and getting to meet Suze and Jude in person - they are so dear to me.

As I wipe the tears from my eyes I must move on to the creation piece again. Maybe I'll go outside and play with Billy a bit before I do that. I need more sun.
I forgot to mention that I found the little nest this morning when I was out taking Billy for his walk. It was laying on the street if you can imagine. Maybe someone was brushing snow off their roof or something. I picked it up immediately when I realized what it was - number four in my little collection.
Angels be with you as you think on your own dreams.

Deer tracks and skiing: When we went for our "before breakfast" walk this morning I decided I should take my camera along as the sun is shining and the temperatures have warmed up. I was talking about deer tracks the other day so decided to show you these tracks from on the golf course and in the yard west of the golf course. Greg was telling the story that apparently the does (females) and the young ones are smart enough in the fall to eat enough to make up for what shortages there might be over winter. Hmmm. Wondering what's on the minds of the men (I mean males).
I also heard that in the cemetary on the north side of town there are typically four deer over-nighting. And now that it has started to melt a tiny bit, deer can be seen in double digit numbers in the fields scrounging for food.

Diane was asking if we can ski on the driveway - pretty much so - though skating might have worked better. Now that it's warming up the snow could disappear quickly but I thought I'd show these "ski jumps" from our yard. I've put my glove in the two pictures so you get some idea of the size of these "steps". Greg worked to try to clear the path to the back where we take our compost and we also take the dog to do his wet job. Because the garage is beside this path and the snow drips off the roof AND when the temps are below zero and it freezes the path can be treacherous, Greg tried to remove a greater chunk of the snow. Perfect for jumping, I think.

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