Monday, March 19, 2007

Inchies bandwagon but not much to show: Maybe you've been wondering what I've been busy with. I've been spending lots of time at this keyboard trying to keep up with giveaways, commenting on others and investigating those who have commented on mine. I've started, just barely, another series of mini quilts, before finishing the other two and I've started knitting two more hats, one for Cat to try to learn on and another for myself. Good thing the teacher is close by. I'm in final stages of decorating the envelope for my swap recipient. It was supposed to be sent a week ago. Thanks Jennifer for being so patient.
I've also been investigating inchies on the cloth paper studio group. I've decided to jump right in. I can hardly wait to get started. Notice I've done new links just about inchies. Of course I've been reading about them for awhile at artjunkgirls blog, but this seems addictive. Too bad this week is so hectically busy with meetings and talks and chorus singing in Music festival (fun but intense). I'm excited though about the art. The more I do right now the more I feel I want to. YES! Yes! Yes!

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Maggie said...

Glad to see you made the leap

the gift of time

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