Friday, March 09, 2007

Deer tracks and skiing: When we went for our "before breakfast" walk this morning I decided I should take my camera along as the sun is shining and the temperatures have warmed up. I was talking about deer tracks the other day so decided to show you these tracks from on the golf course and in the yard west of the golf course. Greg was telling the story that apparently the does (females) and the young ones are smart enough in the fall to eat enough to make up for what shortages there might be over winter. Hmmm. Wondering what's on the minds of the men (I mean males).
I also heard that in the cemetary on the north side of town there are typically four deer over-nighting. And now that it has started to melt a tiny bit, deer can be seen in double digit numbers in the fields scrounging for food.

Diane was asking if we can ski on the driveway - pretty much so - though skating might have worked better. Now that it's warming up the snow could disappear quickly but I thought I'd show these "ski jumps" from our yard. I've put my glove in the two pictures so you get some idea of the size of these "steps". Greg worked to try to clear the path to the back where we take our compost and we also take the dog to do his wet job. Because the garage is beside this path and the snow drips off the roof AND when the temps are below zero and it freezes the path can be treacherous, Greg tried to remove a greater chunk of the snow. Perfect for jumping, I think.


suzie q said...

It looks so beautiful, Wendy. More beautiful than cold now...
I love the idea of the deer - I saw some on my birthday last year, but not since. Wonderful to have them so close to you, as long as they're not eating your garden! ;)
Beautiful photo's..

Much Love, warm hugs ((x))
Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Yes, it feels quite beautiful now. Hopefully we don't get another blast of snow. The garden is fine ;^)
Hugs & tickles,
Wendy XO

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