Thursday, March 22, 2007

Inchies and presents:
I'm feeling so exhausted today but it's the first day since Saturday that I haven't had any events outside of my home. Most days there have been two major events. Yesterday, for example, I had a speaking gig over the lunch hour. I was speaking about "faith creates". And then last night our chorus performed in the local music festival. It's a major event. The whole festival is two weeks long. When our 50 + member choir sings it is a major happening. Adjudicators all say they wish the school choirs could be there to hear us to see what a choir is really supposed to sound like. We spend much time practicing four songs and then we jump into all the rest immediately after so can be prepared for our concert in just a month's time.
Today I'm trying to catch up on just a few of my e-mails and comments. Sorry if I haven't been to visit or comment on your blog recently. Soon.

Please check out Debra's blog if you're not familiar with her. She sent me this most beautiful package with presents. It actually arrived on Tuesday but I was so sore that evening after I'd gotten home and had supper I decided to leave the present until I had more time to enjoy whatever treasures it might hold. When I opened the package yesterday morning I was blown away. Most of the items were specially prepared for me. I adore each and every piece. I could rationalize and say I am sleep deprived. That would be an excuse for being so easily led to tears. But then I might always be sleep deprived, for I am frequently so touched by the kindness of people, especially when I receive these meaningful creations. Thank you Debra. Thanks to everyone that has sent me a package over the last few months since I've been resident in blogland.

I am so grateful for my papercutter. After stamping and sponging purple on one of the blue pages with writing I started cutting. It won't take long to have 88 inchies well underway. And I think I've figured out how I can complete the flower inchies for the swap. I think I'll also use inchies for - wait a minute. That should maybe stay a surprise. Next step for these is inking. I like Chrysti's suggestion for inking 10 at a time. I'll see how it goes. the 12 inchies are just arranged on the scanner with a piece of paper for background. They are not complete. Although, I might just leave some of them simple but for adding edging and maybe one word.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, I hope you are feeling better and get some sleep!! I'm so glad your little package reached you safely and that you liked them... it's always so pleasurable to make something for a deserving person, I haven't 'known' you for long but I can tell who's SPECIAL pretty quickly, ha!
Thankyou for everything X

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