Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday: Though today is Saturday and actually already Sunday in many locations, I need to tell you about my visit with Naomi yesterday and also show you these Friday's finds.
For anyone familiar with Julia Cameron's books, "The Artist's Way" and "Finding Water" you will know what I am talking of when I say Naomi and I have been doing some "time travel". We've been trying to determine some reasons why I go so frequently and quickly into activation, what I would describe as panic attacks. Because I've been having self regulation therapy for a few years already my body is somewhat accustomed to this reaction and I can often deal with it. The more I am able to tread gently around the edges of the activation the more I will be able to "flow through the challenges". Naomi believes there is probably not anything specific causing the concerns for me but instead a number of areas all in combination. Probably the most significant would be my childhood health issues, a general anesthetic, and more recently our daughter's health issues. So as we tread softly around all these issues I become exhausted.
Today was a day for recuperating. It was also a day for working more in that basement room. It's getting closer. I'll try to let you know as soon as it's more ready. I'm certain I'll feel more relaxed, and free, once I have our home more organized and ready to play, play, play.
When we were in Saskatoon yesterday I rewarded myself with some new fabric, angelina fibers,
some papers and heavy body acrylic paints, as well as a few postcards and paper items I got in an antique store just off Broadway, for anyone familiar with Saskatoon. I also got more wool roving and needle felting tools.
Over the next few days I'll be completing my journal quilt for March, getting ready for a swap, and hopefully sharing more about the needle felting. Until then I'll leave you with these first two pictures of the main level from the Avenue Building (built in 1913) where I go to see Naomi. It's a fabulous place.
Angels be with you.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fabric and cards Wendy.
I hope you will have a good day today.
I'll be interested to see your needlefelting creations - I also recently bought some stuff too but need to spend more timely solely on felting!
X Love Debra

suzie q said...

Beautiful pictures & goodies, Wendy! I love those vintage cards, and can't wait to see how you get on with the felting. Angelina Fibres..I must get me some of those! ;) Gorgeous!
I'm so glad that you seem to be reaping the benefits of the therapy - Naomi seems like a very lovely lady, and she works in a beautiful building! Thank you for sharing these moments with us.
Angels surround you...
Much Love,
Suze xXx

altermyworld said...

My fabric quilt arrived this morning, WOW i am totally in love with it, please tell me how to make these, do you serge them or sew and cut, is their batting?
thank you thank you :) I loved the blue fabric i love blue...i have been dreaming about this piece of paper quilt called "shades of blue" was this the universe telling me to do this? I beleive so
take care
Please write soon, i haven't heard back from you

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