Thursday, March 15, 2007

God uses his children: This piece was inspired by the work of Misty Mawn. I love Misty's art. The background was done using an article by Misty in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, Summer, 2006, Issue 7. I did this last June. Other parts of this were also from planned projects not yet completed so I am also doing part of the craft challenge with this piece besides just creating. It is not quite finished. I will be adding more parts - maybe covering some of my handwriting. Not sure when I'll finish it. The next few days are quite busy. It took me a long time to actually do any creating today - feeling quite wasted because of the school and difficulties with communication. I did quite well the last couple of days considering but today I felt extremely unproductive. I'm glad I thought of this background and looked up the magazine and some of Misty's recent work.

Angels be with you.

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