Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dreaming of spring: As I think of decorating my dream jar I am dreaming also of spring. I took these photos about noon today. On one you see a heap of snow beside the trellis. We have a long driveway. There are still a few inches of snow piled on it but some of the snow has been shoveled into the backyard.
Billy doesn't mind the snow, especially when he has his fave toy. He actually loves the snow except when it gets stuck in his paws.

The other two pictures show the place on our driveway where the greenhouse gets set up temporarily and one of the benches which goes inside of the greenhouse. For now the skis seem more appropriate but hopefully sometime in April the greenhouse can be set up. One of the reasons I love the greenhouse is I can just go out there to "be". The poor plants which are cramped into a tiny room in the basement under grow lights just spring back to life, it seems, when they are placed in the greenhouse.

Sigh, dreaming of the day the green house is set up again.


Dianne said...

Oh wow, can you ski down your driveway - sounds fantastic!!

suzie q said...

Wow, Wendy! I can't believe all that snow, and I LOVE the photo of Billy, bless him! Gorgeous shot of him, thru the fence. You really do have some serious winter there, huh? Hoping the greenhouse is up before you know it - I'd love one, but am intrigued about one that is portable? Most are concreted in around here..
Won't be long, I'm sure. 'til then, keep warm & well. the sunshine looks glorious! :)
Much Love & lots of Angels..
Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Yes, it won't be long Suze.
Diane - what can I say to you who loves heat and comments from the beach lol :P I visit you often in my dreams. Actually I love to live in this land with so much contrast, so much diversity, keeps me from getting bored and also keeps the creative juices flowing.
Wendy XO

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