Thursday, March 01, 2007

Loving the idea of a spirit doll and hoping to have time to make one in next few days as suggested on CaC. In the meantime I checked my name from "quiz farm". I like Anastasia though it gave me the name Sylvia. I'm not certain that I could be called "truly a free spirit' but that is certainly what I would dream of - as obviously reflected in my results
You scored as Sylvia. Your name is Sylvia, and it means : Of The Woods, or Nature. You love to be outdoors, surrounded by creation and animals. Flowers are the sweetest perfume the world could know, and you love animals and plants. Your spirit is somewhat 'flower child' in the respect that you would rather spend time outdoors under the sky than anywhere else. You are truly a free spirit.

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Barbara said...

What a wonderful blog!! I am just a beginner and you give me always inspirations Thanks Barbara

windy angels said...

Thanks for the compliment Barbara. I'm happy to inspire you. Your beautiful work with fibers truly inpsires me.


suzie q said...

Hello Sylvia :) Love the image, and the sentiments. I want to have a go at a Spirit Doll, too. Not sure where to start so shall go back to CaC for the instructions!
I got 'Rosamund' for my secret name. Not sure I like it yet!
Love & Hugs,
Suze aka Rose (that's better! ;) )

windy angels said...

Hi Rose,
I was not really struck by Sylvia. Anastasia was a very close second. That I prefer.
I totally LOVE the idea of the spirit doll. It really speaks to me right now. But I will definitely not call her Sylvia. lol
Thanks for stopping by.
Anastasia XO

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