Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thursday, photo day (for CaC) - OK, OK - I know it's Saturday but I just can't keep up here. AND I want SO MUCH, SO VERY,VERY MUCH, because I love the idea to make a spirit doll, BUT it may not happen for a few Sundays. What can I do? I am trying hugely to not stress so much, so maybe I just need to get things done when I can. Hmmm, maybe I can make today's project quickly, and have it done for next Saturday. It's a dream jar. I need one of those.

For photo Thursday I've taken a photo, or a couple, of something I treasure. It is this beautiful turquoise bowl which our niece, god-child, made for us for Christmas a couple of years ago. DH gave me what-not about the photo of the back. I had to. It's beautiful too and part of why I treasure this piece. It has TW's initials. I'm so proud that she has my name for her middle name. In some waays TW and I are very alike. In some ways we are very different. We both love blue and we are both artistic. She's frustrated that she doesn't have time now to be creative much but she's got a full time job as a prison guard and is also starting a new (reasonably) relationship. My prayers are with her especially on that. We love each other very much and are very good friends.


suzie q said...

Two treasures in one - the creation and its creator! Gorgeous post, Wendy. You are very lucky ladies to have each other, and what a beautiful gift this was! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

Don't worry, Angel. We will get those Spirit dolls done, and all the other things we both want to do! Have Faith, and don't stress! Drop those shoulders!! ;)

And, relax....

Love you xXx

Tammy said...

I love hand made items from the heart. Beautiful treasure!

swampgrrl said...

what a treasure. i love it!

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