Friday, July 18, 2008

Giveaway announcement: I had promised a giveaway for when our kitchen cupboards are replaced. In case you are not aware we had a fire in our house on May 7 - as I've said "small fire, big smoke". Nearly our whole house had to be emptied out. Much laundering, washing, and ozonating had to happen. Fortunately we had an operating smoke detector which we are told saved our lives. Fortunately insurance is being very helpful.

The other really good thing is that my studio was set up in the basement so most of my art supplies were not affected at all. Some of my supplies and creations were in a bedroom upstairs. They have all been safely returned. There were only a very few things in the kitchen, where the fire started in the dishwasher, that actually had to be thrown out and replaced.

Here's the scoop. The cupboards are in our basement in boxes. We are going to the farm for a few days next week. If you are interested in any of the prizes please leave a comment anytime between today and July 26. I anticipate the cupboards will all be in place and I will have some time to do the draw. If I extend the date I will try to let you know. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOUR FAVE COLOUR IS within your comment. If you neglect to say I will assume it is blue. The reason for the colour is I will be sending some extra surprises with the items.

These are the items I will be giving away. I may also add a scarf with each as Kat and I tend to be collectors of them and we have far too many. Also let me know if you know of anyone that likes to do cross stitch. I have numerous little kits that I would be very happy to swap for. They are mostly little Christmas kits.

I've included one of my postcards, a flat canvas (5x7 inches), for you to use as is or further decorate if you desire, one of my embossed photo cards, and a couple of other purchased items.

So leave your comment and let me know the item you most prefer.

Since I started this post we have learned that the counter tops will not be finished for another 3-4 weeks so I'll do this draw when the counters are in (about July 26) and I will announce another one for when the cupboards are totally complete.

I will try to post while we are away so visit often and please leave your comments <3 <3
I've just completed a video so be sure to watch for that.
Angels be with you dear friends.


KarenHarveyCox said...


Just stopped by to say hello. What a wonderful give-away. I am so glad that you are almost completely recovered from the fire. I see that your creativity hasn't been affected...look at all the treasures that you have designed. Hope you are having a great weekend. Karen

Anonymous said...

Ooooh... I'm loving those Engelbreit Journals! Gorgeous!:) You certainly seem to have kept your head, dear Angel, and your Creativity knows no bounds! I LOVE those pages you made without glue - isn't it amazing how trying a new technique can be so inspiring sometimes?! Angels are most certainly taking care of you, sweetheart. I hope things run smoothly for you with the refit and that you will soon be able to relax and create to your hearts' content.
Much Love & Many Angels xXx Suze xXx

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy. I am glad you have recovered and werent too badly effected by the fire, I dont mind which giveaway I get if i get picked. my favourite colour is purple love Sara

Anonymous said...

Dear Wendy,
this is a great of idea and shows your generous spirit, but I'm only willing to receive one of your lovely giveaways as long as it's not a giveaway but a swap. (I can't choose which one!)
My favourite colour, mmm, that's hard, I would have to choose between all shades of blue, yellow, white, pearl grey and lots of others. I'll write an e-mail to you soon.
Lots of love
PS: I'm glad to see things are starting to settle, even though it's little by little what's important is that they're going in the right direction

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