Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Life as a windyangel: Phew - some days it feels like my head is absolutely spinning. I know. I know. We've all been there. That's part of the reason I was so pleased when I had gone to visit Janet at jkbees and discovered this gem. Note that I've put it quite high on my links. Thanks Janet. This is so right on.

I've got lots of works in progress to share. I've been trying to rearrange or maybe I should say arrange things in the craft room I established just
before Easter. My living room was refound. I still tend to use the living room lots for the actual doing but I can quite easily take things back downstairs. I've a couple of storage cupboards I'm using. One has just recently been labeled, almost. I forgot the photo of that. The other one is downstairs.
I decided I needed some way to display ALL of the wonderful presents I've received through swaps and such. I've been working on a bulletin board.

Then I remembered the church window at the cottage at Manitou. I got it at an auction or something over 15 years ago. Greg has been working on it a couple of times to get the glass out and smooth it a bit. It will be wonderful for displaying fabulous creations.

The dirty old medicine cabinet came from the farm. It's been sitting in an old garage for quite some time and I just got it yesterday. It will need quite a lot of work but I think it will make a beautiful display case.

The other thing I am working on slowly is my May journal quilt. The process is slowed for a couple of reasons - the main one being I want to do a tutorial with it. I want to make it good so will take some time. Keep checking back. Maybe I can do it this week yet or maybe not till next. One never knows where the spirit may lead.
Angels be with you.


Janet said...

Thank you for your kind words! I just popped over for a visit and was surprised to see my name!

That old window is fantastic and so is the old medicine cabinet. They should be great for displaying items. I need to come up with some way to show all my gift goodies, too. They're too pretty to just sit in a box or a drawer.

windy angels said...

You are very welcome Janet.
I'm excited to get my displays happening.

suzie q said...

I LOVE these items, Wendy! So jealous of the BEAUTIFUL window! And you have to share the hints & tips from the inside of the cabinet with us - please!! :) Gorgeous things you're doing, and a lovely post - I love the Blogging without Obligation philosophy - just haven't got anywhere to put the logo! :(

Angels to guide you through your wonderfully creative process...

Much Love,
Suze xXx

Barbara said...

Wow what beautiful things! I think you must be happy about these ones!

Anonymous said...


I am Elena, it was me who sent you the Shine video. It has made me so happy to see that you really enjoyed it. Do you mind if I share another youtube treasure with you?
Here's an astonishing piece of beauty and I hope you like it as much:


Best wishes
(I got to know your blog through flickr. I don't have a blog of my own)

(... I know this poem that you may like, on joy and sorrow by Khalil Gibran.
Here's a link, and I hope I'm not overdoing it...


Bye!Have a nice day.

windy angels said...

Thanks to my dear friends for all the comments.
And thanks Elena for identifying yourself. I absolutely adore the Shine song. You remind me how much I believe in angels. I start to tear up every time I think about the song and that you sent it to me. I found the song Angels which I also adore. I don't have time to check these other two links right now, but I shall this evening.
Thanks again Elena. I'd be so happy if you e-mailed me through my profile here or through flickr.
And may angels be with you, all my dear angel friends.

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