Thursday, June 28, 2007

Retreat? Well it feels like I was hardly ever gone. I didn't get a lot accomplished BUT I came to the realizations that:
1. When a person is on retreat they could choose not to be thinking - "I should do this and I should do that".

2. After a person has had a
very difficult year they could choose to not think they can do a great huge amount of art in one day or even just a few days that could be sold. HA. What kind of art might that be!
3.When a person has a great number of ideas and art supplies and space available they could
choose to focus on one thing that has not been tried before and might be fun.

That would be carving rubber stamps. I did a butterfly and a swirl and then had to get my mind around how to do words so that they would be backwards on the stamp, proper on the stamped. Of course it's very simple but how is it that people sometimes have a tendency to complicate things in one's mind! And of course I couldn't choose something simple like a little 3 letter word but of course had to choose my favourites:

The two pictures on the left are of tissue paper on which I did stamping and then huge swirly writing with my gold gelly roll pens which I love. I got the idea from the recent cloth paper scissors magazine.

Don't forget the pictures are clickable for better images.

The last has gotten quite a bit of attention on flickr.
HOPE Abounding


BlueJude said...

Love what you did with the tissue paper...very cool! And so glad your back! Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

rainbows for my heart! Thank you!

Barbara said...

the artmix blog is another blog with parts of my art!Come and see!

suzie q said...

Yes, yes, yes! To all those realisations! What a worthwhile retreat that was, dear Angel. You and I were carving rubber stamps at the same time, but I chose to be lazy and attempt only simple letters/numbers! Good for you, sweetheart, for going for it - and succeeding! It's not easy, is it?! ;)

Off to the next post now - I can't resist little Blue!

Much Love xXx

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