Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wendy - STOP already. Take time to play. And what better way might there be to convince myself of that than to have a tiny little fluff ball of a kitty with which to play. Greg and I went to look at the kitties at his brother and sister-in-law's place. Their daughter loves cats. They've decided that they have to start giving some away as their farm is not meant to be a cat ranch - not a money making proposition. Greg told me I didn't have to choose that night. When I picked up this little fluff ball though I just couldn't put him down. I love his softness and to watch him play. Today I got for him a collar. It's a bit big. Tiny sweet Blue - thank you for helping me to realize I must take time to stop and play.

Find a set of pictures of Blue at flickr.

Blue in bowl


suzie q said...

I'm in love! :D Blue is just perfect, and I hope you have many many happy playtimes with him/her! So gorgeous! Kat must be in her element!

Tickles for Blue, and much love & big hugs for you! xXx

Janet said...

What an adorable little face!! I love kitties and have two of my own. If my hubby would agree I'd have more!! There's nothing more fun than a new baby kitten. Enjoy!

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