Friday, July 27, 2007

sliding through shades of blue:
I've always loved the colour blue. I was so entranced when we were returning from Regina to the farm a couple of evenings ago. Greg was very kind and made some minute detours so that I might capture photos. The clouds, their many colours, the moon, the sunset - all were intoxicating. This photo shows in some small way the layers of blue.

in the mood of blue

The summer days often make me feel as though I'm sliding through shades of blue, not necessarily in a good way. I'm thinking more of the moody blues. Cat's frequent need for attention, our holiday time being spent mainly at the farm (not really a holiday if you can imagine) and little time to create, especially in my mind, bring on these blue shades.

Here are a couple of examples of some creative time I've been squeezing in between the other blues. Some of the journal pages mention snow, heaven forbid. Some of the writing is newer. I tend to write while on longer road trips. The inks are kind of a new fave - cat's eye color box fluid chalks. Yummmm. They're nearly as scrumptious as the Reese's miniatures I mention on one of the pages.

bird of peace

flower journal page

I've also been doing a tiny bit of writing at windyangelsandyou - more on shades of blue. Take a look.


Marie said...

LOVED the colors! So glad you talked about what you used. It makes your writing so vivid! Congratulations on all your celebrations...I enjoyed my visit with you today..

artsyfran said...

Those Cat's Eye Fluid Chalks are my favorite inkpads on the earth! LOL I'm so glad you are using yours. They do have such vibrant color. Just as vibrant as you! xoxo, Fran

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