Monday, July 30, 2007

"I-I-I love JEESUS!": My soul feels so uplifted each time we go to pick up Cat after she's been at camp. She absolutely loves spending time there. This photo, while not a very clear image in reality, is a very good depiction. This last session was a teen camp with 125 campers ages 15- 17 years. This number fills the friendly camp to near overflow. On the last day there is always chapel at 11:30 a.m. Parents are invited to attend chapel. Seeing these young people standing on the benches and standing at the front of the chapel ALWAYS brings tears of joy to my heart. In those moments when the voices are uplifted in the words "I-I-I love JEESUS!", one can't help but feel surrounded by miracles.

"I I I love Jesus"


artsyfran said...

Oh, what a beautiful sight! Looks great and I love the journal page, too

suzie q said...

Love the photo! :) Wonderful to see, and your excitement is contagious! It looks like a lot of fun - I love the autographed shirt in the foreground :) Hope Cat feels the benefit for a long time to come...
I can't get any of the links in the post to work, but it could be operator error, I'm sure! I'll try again in a minute.
Huge amounts of love to you all, and big hugs for Cat xXx
Hope those Angels are still working their magic - miracles abound!! ;)

Much Love, Suze xXx

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
I hope all is well. I like your text on the coloured backgrounds, very beautiful!
Lots of warm greetings from here in NZ,
love Debra x

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