Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Our farm" ~ We returned late Sunday from a couple of days at the farm. I decided to share a bit of information about it with this photo which I've posted on flickr. I've shared pictures of "creekside" previously and particularly this little building but I've added notes this time so that you can get a better idea what it's about.

"our farm"

I think this creek is partly why I love nature so much. Another part of it is that I grew up taking walks and bicycle rides along this road. The exercise was important because of the diabetes but it was much more than that. I think I also grew to love art because so very much, I see art in nature. I think I learned much more about colour from nature than from any studying I did or could have done. I am so very grateful for the beauty and miracle of nature.

Prairie Lily

For the full set of "farm life" pictures in a slideshow go here. I like to watch it in the fast speed which you can find on bottom left side of screen.


Janet said...

Beautiful pictures! Nature is always just so amazing! I'm off to visit flickr so I can see more.

Jes said...

JUST FABULOUS! You are a true-blue nature gal I can tell!!!

Our lilies have just bloomed over here at the Plenty To Do Farm. I love them in vases too!

Have a beautiful weekend!

~Jes http://sweetpeas.motime.com

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