Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another wonderful day and special reason to love life. Today is Greg's and my 25th wedding anniversary. The top picture is from last Saturday. The ones of Greg on the motorbike are from just before I met him.

You were “in pursuit”.

You were being teased, pushed.
You didn’t care.

I - well, I was quite naïve (I think).
I was in this little black number.
It had a lace back.
But I was basking in the attention.
Enjoying your being “pushed”.

Who was naïve?

Another Christmas party, another time with my friend.
Only thing - I was hardly with my friend. You
seemed “dark”, somewhat threatening, though dirty blond
and blue eyed. I had been overprotected, mostly unaware
of the world about me. Perhaps this was the time
for some excitement, a bit of “life on the edge”. Pursuit,
magnetism – it happened that night. I was thrilled.
I was the centre of attention.
The “little black number” probably helped. Though not
so long, my legs were, I guess, quite slim. I had overheard
some young lads another time commenting on my ankles.
Yes, my feet are narrow.
The magic – people noted for years after, that we liked
to hold hands. Future Christmas parties brought teasing,
we were usually the first ones to leave.
Restaurant appearances with friends, there was always
the question of whether we wanted a table to ourselves.
Our friends could sense the passion. Sometimes
we opted for the solitude of a table in a far off corner.

These scanned photos are from 25 years ago, our wedding.

If anyone were to ask how we've lasted through these years my first response, in one word, would be prayer. When I think about the challenges we've been through, the happy times, the difficult times, the exciting times, the boring times, the agreeable times and the not so, prayer has been always with us. I guess what helped me to realize this is when I paused to think of my father's words from Saturday when a group of us had gathered together to celebrate this special occasion. Greg's oldest brother, Nik, had said a few words to commemorate the event. He'd asked if there was anyone else wishing to speak. No one said anything. A bit later my father spoke up. I tensed. Dad has been struggling with memory difficulties in the past few years. In the past summer there was a space of time when I, youngest, was being not appreciated by my wonderful, learned father. It was a short lapse. Yet most of us wondered what my dad would say on this day. He had very kind words. He had wise words. His true self shone through. I felt all that love glowing within, the love which had always been there.
About prayer - I am told of the time when Dad was traveling with a pastor friend. He's had many wise, spiritual, knowledgeable friends, whose company helped him to be the scholar he was, even though he only had a grade eight education in the formal sense. On this particular occasion he was expressing concern of who his daughter might marry someday. When I hear this story I am reminded of all the many people who have included me, my family, my challenges in prayer. I am quite certain that were it not for the faith, the hope, which I hold and have been surrounded with all my life, I would not have been able to celebrate this wonderful marriage, this wonderful life. So if you have ever prayed for me and mine, I want to thank you. If you have ever sent angels or been an angel, as so many have, I want to thank you.

The above photo is from December 5, 1982. It was taken before we departed for our honeymoon in Hawaii.
On this day, Greg and I will not be doing anything terribly celebratory. We will continue to glow, however, in the light of our love. Know we would not be here without prayer. Prayer has been that which made our love grow, before we had even met and will continue through the coming years.

Angels be with you,
Wendy XO


Suzie Q said...

too many tears to see what I'm typing. love you so much, beautiful, beautiful Angel. will try to email soon...

May the next 25 years be even more glorious for you both...

I want to keep every one of these photo's - I am so blown away!! beautiful...

always in my prayers, ABWY! xXx

windy angels said...

Thanks Suze, I love you too. Tears are good. Save as many pictures as you like. I'll send you more if you have room.
Much love,
You and Josh are in my prayers too,
Wendy XO

Janet said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! This is such a beautifully written piece. I hope you and Greg have many, many more wonderful years together. Love all the photos!

windy angels said...

Thanks Janet. I hope to get to your blog soon. I love this photo of you with the Santa hat : )

KarenHarveyCox said...

Happy Anniversary Wendy. Your photos are so lovely. Good memories. Blessings, Karen

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