Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another brightly sunny filled day, while cold, and yet again filled with treed hoar frost. Yummm.

Yes, I've been writing again. This one has been tough but it is finished in about its first draft. It is about Winnie. I am presenting it tonight with my writer's group. I will decide what to do with my story then.

Here is a picture which I worked with for quite some time the day I was playing with my templates and blog set up. I think it was Sunday last. I was going to use this for a banner. Maybe some of you got to see it if you happened to stop by sometime on Sunday. I then decided it was too loud. I'll make a new banner another day. I just cut out the part I like best.
Yes Suze, there is definitely a resemblance. By glancing at it momentarily I notice especially our noses. I think it would be too difficult to take a picture in the same pose. Just as I said to Greg that I probably would have much difficulty visiting the grave site anytime soon - one day.

And the music which is being played over and over again for me this day, more about a love of family:

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