Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winnie and January: This is typically a very difficult time of year for me. I think I am doing quite well though in looking to "spring" within my heart. That will be the story for the blue flat canvas of which you can see the background. I've put the start of a sunshine as well. I'm not certain yet of the other one. The green was started probably in November. As usual the scan does not do the colours justice.

I've shown a couple of pictures of Winnie in the past week. I will tell you now that she was my auntie on my Dad's side. I never got to meet her as she died in 1933. Winnie had diabetes. She died when she was 13 years of age, of pneumonia, probably a complication of the diabetes. I have recently come to feel a connection to Winnie. I've done these couple of journal pages. The first one is "remembering the past whilst not even trying (consciously)".

Winnie & Me - finding the past

The second is "growing in stature with each breath that I take". The parts below the vellum pictures of Winnie were drawn. They are representing myself. With the second it is quite amazing, I think how the eyes of Winnie correspond exactly with the picture I've drawn. They totally change Winnie's eyes. I feel so blessed to have found the picture of Winnie in a family history book and to have learned a tiny bit more about her in the past few weeks. I am feeling it is one of the gifts that has been given to me through the Advent and Christmas seasons. it brings renewed hope to my future, this new year.

Winnie & Me - growing in staure
My prayers would be that you may find blessings as well as you contemplate your life and your self.

Angels be with you,

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