Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Creative every day: sometimes I lose track of what I've done, shared and completed. These are some sketches, some from quite a while ago. They were mostly done while I was waiting for appointments of one kind or another, as with the journal page with lots of rub on letters. I ran out of my fave black letters. I guess I should have known better. That's OK. The message is still the same. I finished the two journal pages yesterday. Actually has been quite awhile since I've felt like doing any.

I also did some preliminary painting on some canvases yesterday.I've got a caulking transfer happening on one of those. I have to wait till later tonight (24 hours) to see results of that.

baby canvases blue OR


las palabras mágicas said...

Being able to create your own stamps must provide you with endless possibilities. It is wonderful that you can create the printing patterns yourself. I love the yellow colour in the journal pages as well

BlueJude said...

Love the journal pages and the sketch of the three woman. Hope your having a great week and had a wonderful Mom's Day! You deserve it. HUgs and Happy Tuesday!

windy angels said...

Thanks Elena and Darcy,
Much has happened since this post.
Please see yesterday's post:

the gift of time

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