Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life is truly good: The past week met us with some new challenges but we are all safe and fine. That is the important thing. Last Thursday morning at 4 a.m. we woke to the sound of our smoke detector. I ran out to find the dishwasher all in flames. We were able to go out the front door. Greg put the fire out with a blanket and I phoned 911 on the cordless phone which Greg brought to me from the coffee table close by. Greg was a bit perturbed with himself for not switching off the furnace fan as the furnace managed to spread the smoke throughout the entire house. It’s OK. The smoke detector worked. We are all safe including the pets and we had insurance. There is a cleaning crew that has been washing, scrubbing walls, packing boxes, using ozone machine and ripping out cupboards and flooring that need to be removed. We will get new flooring put in our back entrance, down the stairs and into the main room in the basement. All the replacement work and painting will be done by a carpenter. We’re getting bids for these jobs and then insurance company will choose.

Sorry to tell this almost by rote but the whole thing seems just another adventure in my survivor life series. I am trying as much as possible to laugh, to think of the good things that can come of this, Relationships of family and friends are being strengthened. I learn of kindness from people like Constanza, near strangers, who are offering help. I learn of people that don’t really care. I learn of how very, very strong I have become when a friend comments on how so many people would be very “pissy” (her word, not mine) about the whole thing. As I skip down the hallway of my mother-in-law’s basement where we are residing, I realize that life is truly good. As I shed a few tears of sadness, exhaustion, I realize that life is truly good,

The fabric photo shows a piece I had dyed brown, used a bleach resist on and then painted with white fabric paint. The photos are from before the fire.

fabric dyed and painted before -

The greens and flowers started as a small gift to myself late on Mothers Day. They were embellished by a dear kind soul at the nursery, florist shop. They smell so wonderful at this time where it often felt like smoke was curling about near my nose, inside my nose, in everything that I breathed in. Now I am reminded that my cell phone, which I have with me near constantly, was in the kitchen right in area of greatest smoke concentration. Oh well. I need it with me.
The pears and lamp with ribbon (I'll catch you up with these tomorrow) only show how I am trying to make our temporary abode into somewhat of a home.

each was unique

Thanks to all who have offered support of any kind, especially of thoughts and prayers

Angels be with you,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, dear Angel, and Thank God you are all safe & sound. I hope Kat is coping ok and that you will soon be able to go home.
Much Love & Huge Hugs for you all.
Angels, always...
Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers beautiful angel.
we probably won't get back into the house till next week as we need to find someone to do all the painting - kitchen, living room and hallway, back entrance and stairwell. There is a huge housing boom in Sask. and it may be hard to find people to do the carpentry and painting. I'll keep you in touch best I can. We're going to farm for long weekend, Victoria Day. It will be good to see Billy and Blue.
Much love and many angels,

artsyfran said...

Oh my! I'm so glad you're all safe. Life, yes, it's an adventure every day. You are handling it beautifully. xo,Fran

Anonymous said...

Get stuck in! I'll be on my way, with a paint brush! lol ;) I wish...
I'll be with you in spirit, sweetheart. Always am.
Stay strong. Big fuss for Billy, and Blue. Hugs for the humans (((x)))
Love you xXx

windy angels said...

Thanks Fran & Suze,

feeling quite low at the moment as I don't know what's going on. I'm trying to immerse myself in paint samples and flooring options. great to have friends like you.

Wendy XO

Anonymous said...

oh wendy,

i had no idea that this happened to you & your family! i am so glad that you are all safe!!!

know that i am thinking of you & sending you warm, postive thoughts your way!

xoxo mar

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Wendy, I am so sorry to hear of this loss and upheaval in your life. The one thing that we can count on is that nothing stays the same. I hope that in time you find enough strength to deal with this and move forward. My thoughts are with you. Susan

windy angels said...

Thanks Mar. I can feel those warm positive thoughts when I take pause.

Angels be with you dear,
Wendy XO

windy angels said...

Thanks Susan, Feels like I've been through so many challenges already that this is just another hill to climb over, on my way up the mountain.

I also wanted to say for ages I was meaning to get back to you of your previous comment. You mentioned my writing that time. I had shortly before that been thinking of actually stopping that blog. After your comment I remembered how even if only a very few people are benefiting from, appreciating, my writing I must leave it available.

Thanks again.
Angels be with you,

las palabras mágicas said...

Dear Wendy,
at last I have the opportunity to say this: I am so glad you are back and safe and well. Don't underestimate the fun possibilities of redecorating the house (in spite of everything, in spite of the delays), choosing new colours maybe. I love the photo in this post, blue is special but yellow is really something!

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