Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a bit of this and a bit of that:
I'm trying to bring some organization back into my life as the final work is being done on our kitchen. For part of tomorrow yet we'll be using the bathroom sink and counter for small bits of food prep and dish washing. Hard going back to that for a couple of days but great knowing it is so close to being finished. Today I actually emptied some boxes again too. This is something I have not been able to bring myself to do for quite some time. My art supplies are in total chaos because of the unpacking and also because I've so frequently been packing up this and that to take along to the farm when we've been back and forth there doing help on weekends and for our holidays.

This image is a picture I scanned from a magazine. I've decided to do just a simple glue book with images and bits I love from older magazines - I've been rippin and tearin up those magazines - finding so many pictures I love. I got the idea from my friend Lia. I'm also sorting all my embroidery cotton to put in a special little cupboard.

One day I'll share some photos from the house. It will still be awhile as we need to be helping at farm yet and Greg continues to be extremely busy with his work otherwise too.

Angels be with you dear friends.

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