Friday, August 08, 2008

Chrysti, a much loved artist whom I have encountered over the past couple of years, is running a contest asking participants to blog about something in their surroundings which may at first glance be quite ordinary but with further observation be unique, perhaps even beautiful. I have tried this week to take a few moments to do that even though the week has become very challenging for me.
These are just a couple of images which I have chosen to share. This is an old container which contains an vintage milk bottle. Inside that is
cutting from a scented geranium. I find the whole commotion to be very appealing - the reflections in the tin, the angle of the milk bottle, the shape of the cutting.

What about your surroundings appeals to you, brings you joy? Feel free to take a moment to look around you. Especially take some moments to look at Chrysti's blog. She has created numerous exciting art pieces and been published any number of times. I am so very inspired by her.

I'll try to share some more photos in the next couple of days.
Remember to check the post for the give away winners if you entered.
Angels be with you dear friends

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, These images you have here are so Beautiful. Nice work.
Have a Blessed Day.
Love Lisa

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