Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Line drawing, doodle - without lifting pen from paper. OK, I was really hoping to have time to do another. I think I would really prefer to use a pencil and wish I'd grabbed a piece of unlined paper. I was at a meeting, not that many people so needed to leave some impression that I was truly listening. But there'll be no time to do another. I've spent majority of day sitting with daughter and cleaning out bucket. We've been advised to totally discontinue the medication. She hardly had any today but is still vomiting water even. I finally thought about gravol so was fortunate to catch pharmacist just as he was closing down his pharmacy. Good thing about small town - you get to know people. I totally forgot until now that one of drugstores is open hour later. This one appreciates our business. So we had to do lovely suppository trick.

The line drawing - I was thinking about dear friend Suze. Hope you recognize the Cathedral. The round blob on left tree is supposed to be a bird nest. Otherwise I'm pleased with the doodle, considering using a pen and looking up part of the time while doing.

You may not see much of me in next couple of weeks. I've very little done yet for Christmas. I'm not worried about the shopping so much. Wrapping is always delayed and I can't put as much detail as would like. But I need to get this house cleaned so have room for tree. I've put up a couple of decorations today amidst the art stuff. I needed to try to get someone cheered a bit. She was happy with the visit from St. Nik. We live in a very German city. Cat knows who brought the presents, but we still love to pretend. She believed in Sanata till only a couple of years ago, though 15 years old. We still believe in Santa. Cat is great about giving being as important as receiving. She only wants a lap top for Christmas - will be very pleased if gets a cell phone which she probably will because of her seizure.

Must be off. Happy holidays!


Suzie Q said...

Oh sweetheart, bless you xXx Wonderful line drawing, and so special to know that you were thinking of me. Yes, the Cathedral!

I'm glad to hear that Cat can stop taking the meds, and hope to goodness that she feels much better very soon. I have the same 'problem' here with the major tidy-up needed before we can find somewhere to put a tree! I might just hang a branch from the ceiling at this rate! ;)

Josh only wants a laptop, too, but he won't be getting one! Not unless we both find work in the next day or two! ;) Goodness knows how it's all going to work out, but I'm sure it will..

I was just about to post an 'Out of the Game' post on my blog, as I really need to shift a gear with my Christmas preparations. I hope you won't be away too long Wendy. Miss you already.

Huge Hugs & Lots of Love to you all,
Suze xXx

windyangel said...

We'll keep in touch, I promise. This is a huge part of my coping mechanisms right now.
I think there'd maybe be something wrong if a teenager didn't want a laptop for Christmas. Hope your son didn't mind I put a comment on his blog. I consider him a very good friend just because...
God bless

BlueJude said...

Ah yes the holiday cleaning. Hoping to do that this weekend. I think it's wonderful that you still like to belive in the "magic" of Santa. We all need a little magic in our lives and I hope you and your family get an abundance of it this holiday season!

windyangel said...

Thanks Darcy.Much Ho! Ho! to you and yours. Have fun with it.

artsyfran said...

Great doodle!
So sorry Cat is still having so much difficulty. I'm glad they took her off the offending meds and I hope they find her the right meds soon. Sending hugs your way!

windyangel said...

Thanks Fran. Can't imagine what your experiences must be like.

NancyB said...

Love your doodle Wendy! So glad that Cat can stop those meds. Spirit is found in matter what age...just because you cant see it doesnt mean you cant believe in it...God for instance..we cant see him directly but we believe in him! :) Thats what I tell my kids for them! :) Much love to you all! Hugs! Nance

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