Tuesday, December 05, 2006

HOPE:The last few days have been difficult as we struggle with our daughter having side effects of the medication she was started with for seizures. For four days she has been hardly able to keep any food down, has had very little appetite, and has been very drowsy. Today she has been more alert but she became very frustrated this evening with the discomfort in her stomach and the whole idea that it is caused by the medication. This is apparently very common when individuals are started on this medication.

Cat has been trying to think happy thoughts. She was having difficulty finding them tonight. She is finally resting.

Hope is what has carried us through. See "HOPE" at windyangelsandyou.


Suzie Q said...

Huge Hugs for Kat (((((xXx)))))
I hope she starts to feel better very soon, and that you are all feeling hopeful.

Much Love to you all xXx Suze xXx

BlueJude said...

HOPE & FAITH are powerful things. Hang tight to both and blessings on your family!

artsyfran said...

Your sweet girl... I hope she gets over the side-effects quickly. I know what it's like to take meds that make you icky. I can't imagine doing it as a child! *hugs* for you and for Cat.

sage said...

sending prayers for quick acceptance of medication, God Bless!


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