Saturday, December 30, 2006

We are at the farm for a few days, have been since Christmas Eve day. There is so much I want to tell you. There is also much I want to do and NOT do. And so, you must be patient with me.

One of the advantages of having snow is that we can do cross country skiing. The weather has been fabulous for it. The dogs love to come along. The first day, Billy got frustrated and we had to bring him home and have him stay in the house. He was sinking in the snow too much and didn't know to walk in the trail. I think he was just too excited. The second time he came along. He hates to miss any fun. The usage of the trails by the dogs is not really beneficial. The trails get kind of wrecked but the dogs don't always stay on them. Some places the snow is not so deep and they do their own investigating.

Now I need to think about that cheesecake I was planning for supper. And I think I need to make new ski trails. We had some snow and wind day before yesterday. I suspect I'll be doing a new path. It's kind of hard work but someone has to do it. After I make it I can go flying on it the next time.

Till later,
With huge hugs to all. Wishing you angels all about and the time to pause to feel their presence.


Suzie Q said...

Ooooh, I love Billy! :) He's beautiful, and looks so serene, surrounded by all the snow! Beautiful picture, Wendy. It's so good to hear from you, although the thought of all that cross-country skiing is exhausting! I hope you blazed a new trail today and can fly next time! Sounds wonderful! :)

A very Happy, Healthy and Angel-filled New Year to you All!

Much Love & Warm Hugs from Suze xXx

Judy Scott said...

Dear Wendy ~ happy new year ~ Love Jude xx

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