Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spoiled or very loved? The top picture is of the card my very dear Greg gave me for Christmas. He wasn't planning to get me a card but this one absolutely caught his eye. He is a man of very few words but many ideas. He can usually know precisely what is important, especially when it comes to technology and machines. Occasionally he surprises me with his perceptions of what's important otherwise, matters of the heart. I think this card was the most beautiful gift I got for Christmas this year.

The reason I say spoiled is because we also got a new computer for Christmas. That was not really a surprise. This one is old - 98. It's very slow. We worry about me losing some of my work, some of my writing. We worry about it crashing. I got the computer as a gift. We have another computer downstairs for the past few months. Because my husband is the main computer person at his work place he was able to retrieve a computer from the recycle stash. He and Cat know I have first dibs on the main one. Lucky me. Greg will probably start setting it up tonight.

I've also included a sketchy sketch done on blue paper with mainly white. I did it to show a friend of Cat's. J. enjoys art but is not so much into whimsical or collage. That's OK. She's only 14 and is from a family somewhat set in their ways. I'm glad she is able to do as much art as she is. She is very talented. Someday... The piece is another WIP (work in progress). I may be showing many of those because of "should."

Happy New Year to all.

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suzie q said...

Hello Angel, I love that card and have commented on WA&U. Just popped over to let you know that you've been tagged! Hope you can find time to join in. Enjoy! :D

Angel kisses & warm hugs,
Suze xXx

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