Sunday, January 28, 2007

A wealth of knowledge: I think it was last Thursday when I received a wonderful package in the mail from Mary Ann. She is such a sweetheart. The stamper's sampler magazine is packed with knowledge. I can hardly wait to have a closer look. Before that I must finish my first journal quilt for the CPS journal quilt group. I also decided to enter a valentine postcard swap by pookieville so must have 10 postcards finished for that besides the ones I am sending for gifts AND do some art for the 2 people who signed for the meme I had put on my blog.

I also love the sweet little book that also came from Mary Ann. That will get some special treatment.

These two books I have borrowed from the library. I had mostly in mind for painting fabric (Skydyes) but will also receive some marvelous ideas for paper (Color on Paper and Fabric). I hadn't realized that Ruth Issett's book has information on paintsticks until after I had purchased the Shiva at Periwinkles Quilts in Saskatoon. I am actually being impressed with the supplies I CAN get in Saskatoon. I've not yet had to go to on-line ordering. Sometime. Not just yet. And the more I talk with people and the more I investigate the more I will learn about others closer by that are also into mixed-media - more on that another day.

Angels be with you.


NancyB said...

That book Mar sent you looks mighty worth investigating! :D And that 3rd book Color on Paper and Fabric is catching my eye! :D Have fun reading them all! Careful not to drool on the pages hehehe! Much love my angel friend and big hugs! Nance

suzie q said...

Gorgeous books, Wendy ~ all of them! You are a busy bee lately, I hope you're enjoying making the fabric jpurnal, and I hope we get to see some more of it soon...
Happy Days! :)
Much Love,
Suze xXx

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