Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time Management: I'm trying to make better use of my time. I've decided to try to do some simple tasks while Greg drives us to our destinations and back. This morning on our way to Church, half hour away, I was cutting apart images from a little book I'd gotten at Michael's. Unfortunately my scissors were not very sharp. The other day, I think Friday, I was trying to sew some beads onto this piece of felt. On our way back it was starting to get dark. Greg kept asking about the light. I didn't need it yet.

I'd seen the idea, done with real felt. I didn't have such a thing so got cheap felt. The buttons are from my Mom's old collection. I'm not sure how old they'd be. The scan does not do them justice. They are cracked and darkened around the edges. I might sew some more beads on if I can find the right ones. then it gets blanket stitched with another and stuffed. I guess it's supposed to be a Christmas decoration. Oh well. It can just be for anytime too. I need the practice mostly.

I got a little bit of sewing done on my journal quilt but will wait until more done before I show that. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to accomplish as our daughter is having continuing problems - no seizures, but social, behavioural. This time of year and next few months tend to be her difficult time. Hopefully we can make it through. We'll get as much help as able from school.She admitted to major self-esteem problems, in her own way, on Friday. I'm trying not to agonize. I'll communicate as best I can with the people I need to. Otherwise I try very much to just place it in God's hands.

Forgot to mention, Fran has a wonderful gift for someone chosen from comments left on her blog all this coming week. Good luck.


Judy Scott said...

Hello dear Wendy, Im sorry your daughter isnt well, one of my own daughters is unwell and so have been nursing her ~ especially today!

I've joined the cps journal quilt challenge ~ Ruth Rae (a fellow artist)suggested it to me after my 'pain' post, Im so thrilled to be there with you and fran and di. Thinking of you and will send prayers for your daughter, ((((Hugs))))) Jude xx

suzie q said...

Hey sweetheart :) email on its way, but I have to say here how much I love the little star, and admire you so for joining the journal quilt challenge. I hope so many positive things come of it, and with Judy by your side, you can't go wrong! :) I'll keep practising with my poor neglected machine and hope to join in with something with you both before too long..
Love you,
Be Blessed.
Suze xXx Hugs for Kat, too (((x)))

StegArt said...

Love this star...this would also look great blanket-stitched on a could do hearts for valentines too. The embellishments look great.

artsyfran said...

Lovely! I'm so excited to see what we all come up with. In fact, I'm headed to work on my quilt now.
Oh, and thamks for the mention about the prize on my blog! xoxo, fran

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