Thursday, January 11, 2007

My FIRST - tiny shipping tag book: About stamping, play, simplicity?, and being inspired by the very sweet Mary Ann. Ever since I have been receiving real mail from Mary Ann I have been so impressed with all the stamping she does. On one recent comment on Mary Ann's blog I believe I said something about starting to do more stamping. Yesterday morning, or maybe it was the day before I was looking through one of the stamping, inspiration magazines I had received from Mary Ann. I noticed especially a little shipping tag (not really certain what they are supposed to be called) book. I've always really liked them and thought I could easily make one. So on stormy yesterday I found a few of the shipping tags I have and did some tea staining. When they were dry I yanked out my alphabet stamps, my licorice scented (Yummm) black stamp pad and a couple of other things. It took me awhile. I knew I also needed practice with a steady hand. It's not perfect - YES! I had such fun AND I really like the looks of it. What do you think? Would you decorate it any more or leave it simple? I think I like it simple but...?


firstborn said...


oh i love this!!!!!!!!!!! & your 1st try at that!!!!! BRAVO grrl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just wait till you get the stampers' sampler mag!!!!!!!!!!!! you're going to go NUTS & become addicted like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are a SWEETHEART too you know!!!!!

& i'm so glad to call you a REAL, genuine article friend!!!!

MUCHO love & hugs,
mary ann xoxo

suzie q said...

It's gorgeous, Wendy, and COMPLETE!! Yay! :D Perfect just as it is, I think. Well done, indeed!

Suze xXx

NancyB said...

When it comes to simplicity it is complete! This is fabulous Wendy! I love it! Sweet book!
Much love and hugs!

BlueJude said...

Cool beans!! Now I gotta show ya mine! (:

artsyfran said...

Great job! This looks awesome!

Judy Scott said...

congratulations and celebrations!!!!!! you know the acorn starts really little and look how that grows, this is your little acorn, next will be branches and leaves ~ it just takes time and encouragment darling girl, your book is lovely great big hugs to you xxx Jude xx

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