Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Journal quilt stage 2 or maybe you could call it stage 3. It's a stormy blustery day with very cold temperatures. For anyone wishing for snow I can empathize most days, not today. Actually it is a lovely day to vegetate in the house and do some art, between phone calls of cancellations, postponements and the like. We were supposed to have our writer's group tonight. Sigh. Greg got stuck in the driveway on his way home at lunch. Children are being kept home from school and tomorrow has warnings of severe cold.

I've had time to wonder-under the painted fabric softener sheet pieces to my started quilt. I'm disappointed. With the pressing, the sheets lost much of their beauty and texture. A learning process I guess. I suppose it would have been better to just sew them on with the quilting.

I want to put on some beads yet. I was thinking about sequins BUT I don't have any here and I don't think I'll consider going out to get any. Greg called to say they are all being sent home and ALL the school kids are to come too.
Oh NO!!!! There goes my time to myself.

I've been trying to learn EXACTLY what a journal quilt is. I'm not certain if I'm supposed to put writing on the back of the quilt or write it on paper in a separate paper journal. Either way, I think I can manage. I definitely know I will be learning new techniques and letting myself stretch and grow.

YES!!!! I'm excited.


Judy Scott said...

Wendy ~ stay warm and cosy and safe, the sequins can be added right at the end. Its looking so good and the colours match the photos so well, its addictive this quilting business lol, love to you and warm hugs Jude xxxx

artsyfran said...

OH MY! You've done so much on your quilt! I've only started embroidering the main piece on mine. I love what you've done. I'm supposed to go to Ft. Collins this weekend. If i don't because of the weather, I'll work more on it this weekend. Otherwise, I'll just deal when I get home. I'm really trying not to stress about it.

Oh, and really, you can do whatever you want - write on the back or not! :) It's just like any art journal, just using fabric instead of paper! xoxox, Fran

suzie q said...

Wow, Wendy, you have been busy! And learning so much along the way, too. I am learning along with you, and thank you for sharing this process with us.
Hope you are snuggled up, cosy & warm. Stay safe & know that you are loved :)
Warm hugs and a gentle tickle ;)
Suze xXx

BlueJude said...

This looks great!! I know too much snow ca be, well...too much. BUT the great thing about winter is you can stay inside, guilt free and create! Until the kiddies get home anyway! lol
I can't wait to see this piece with beads. I really like it.

Dianne said...

I love your quilt - it has such great texture!!

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