Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Finds: I decided to start sharing in this Friday's Finds group with the hopes of being inspired even further to actually do what I plan to do?? Plans are great but can I carry them through? Hmmm. I've shown fabric before but some of this is for a specific reason and I have ideas for doing something soon.

I absolutely adore the art of my friend Judy Scott. I love her choice of fabrics, mostly with flowers. I especially love a couple of pieces she's posted for Valentine's.

I really thought I'd never touch silk flowers again. My mother used to make and try to sell arrangements. Just not my style. And then I saw Judy's valentine with silk flower bits. I've been very inspired AND I've also seen silk flowers used on fiber pieces under chiffon. OK, this I can handle.

These purchases were made locally We have a wonderful Haus of Stitches close by. The silk flowers and a couple of other pieces I got at "the Mall". I forgot to mention that the fabric was purchased partially from a gift cert. from daughter for Christmas. She has some very good friends working there.

While I was there I also received the "In a Stitch Newsletter". I think I have decided that I may actually be brave enough to try a couple of their classes in the next weeks. I've been paranoid about classes since I tried a painting on wood, Baurenmalerei class a few years back. The instructor was just too critical for sensitive me. After being brave with my blog and writer's group I might be ready to try to learn to knit. Enough already with trying to learn on a virtual website.

Please remember to review post below, huge leap


Judy Scott said...

Darling girl, thankyou, its good to see the little things that others do so they can spur us on, your fabrics are lovely and will look gorgeous what ever you do with them, just keep them small and simple for now and once they are finished you can tick another little box!
With my valentine atcs I took the flower apart and used some of the petals so the huge flower didnt over-power the piece.
Im so pleased about the classes too ~ I do hope you go and if you do just ask the angels to surround you and keep you safe and just take plenty of slow deep breaths. You WILL get there, xxxx Jude xx

Judy Scott said...

I love the new look to your blog dont know if Ive said it or not, ((((hugs)))) Jude x

windyangel said...

Thank you so much Judy. I figured out what you had done with the flowers. The bigger parts came in a large package that was very reasonably priced. They will be used only for under chiffon, if I ever get to that.

artsyfran said...

These are lovely fabrics. Your work and Judy's are inspiring me to get working in fiber more!

Maybe I'll feel well enough tomorrow that I can actually clear off the table so I can get my first CPS Journal quilt done... er... started! :) xoxo, fran

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