Thursday, January 25, 2007

Layers - a journal quilt made with fabric of cling wrap. I saw this technique on the blog of faerydi. As I knew I had some fuschia coloured cling wrap in the basement, someplace, for a number of years, I decided to give this a try. Basically you layer fabric and thread bits on top of a piece of cling wrap and put another layer of the wrap again. You iron this together, of course with parchment paper on top and bottom, and then you add as many layers as you like. There are real fabric layers because I turned it into a kind of quilt. I just used flannel between the top and bottom. The binding, if you can call it that , is quite rough. That's the way I wanted it. Besides, I didn't have lots of time to study up and practice as I wanted to finish this to get it into Inspire me Thursday. I hope I'm not too late.


StegArt said...

Wow this cling wrap stuff is going around. I like this piece. I'm so glad to see you working with fabrics!

Micki said...

Your journal quilt is really cool. I've seen the cling wrap done before. I might have to give this a try.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments. At present, I really don't have a specific project for the dry sheet or tissue paper pieces.

Tricia Scott said...

beautiful. you do such great work!i have never heard of the cling wrap tachnique. i will have to read that part again.

windyangel said...

Tricia, it would be best to go to faerydi's link. She's written the directions more specifically.
Thanks all for your compliments.

BlueJude said...

What an incredibly cool idea! Thanks for sharing Windy! What do you use if you have no parchment paper handy? Any ideas?

windyangel said...

Darcy - Baking sheets - just something to protect your iron and ironing board surface. Not sure if wax paper would work. And the recommendation is to use an older iron. I only have 1 but I'll call it my older iron. I think I have to get a new one sometime anyway.
I didn't comment on your layers piece. I want to have time to read the poem. Maybe tomorrow.

Judy Scott said...

Wendy this is wonderful, another achievement ~ keep them coming. Loads of love Jude xx

artsyfran said...

Oh Wendy, this is faboo! I think I know what my project will be tomorrow!!! xoxo, fran

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