Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tah-dah - My first postcard: After many months and numerous challenges around this piece I think it is finally finished. I learned lots. I've still got questions. I think the most important things I've learned are that I CAN complete a project and I should persevere regardless of the difficulties. I decided all the valentine projects had to wait till this was done. Good choice. Now I can use what I've discovered for doing those projects. Of course there'll be more concerns, problems, but they will be just more obstacles along the path to achievement.

The fabrics on this piece were hand dyed other than the yellow. I used Caran D'ache Neo Color ll crayons for the green and yellow part. Sue B. told me they worked well on fabric. The larger star was dyed using the gel glue technique. I was very thankful to Terri for teaching it to me. Terri has provided me with great inspiration. I also found both of the ideas later in Quilting Arts magazines from 2005.

I have to do some writing today, e-mails, comments. Hopefully back to the sewing soon, or at the least, planning and preparing the pieces.


StegArt said...

It turned out fabulous! Each one will get easier Wendy...and don't hesitate because you are unsure of a step...just try may discover something new...keep it up!

Leah said...

beautiful, beautiful work!

suzie q said...

I love it! Gorgeous work, and Yes, to you for persevering and learning that valuable lesson! I am in the same boat here, but seem to be a bit short in the patience dept! ;) I tried to make a fabric ATC and it's ended up as a charm! sigh... it gradually got smaller & smaller as I made more & more mistakes!
I love that loopy stitch you've added, and the colours are gorgeous.
Congratulations, Angel, and here's to many more successful attempts! :D
Love to you, and a big pat on the back. Hugs for you & Kat (((xX)))

BlueJude said...


BlueJude said...

Heres my email:

BlueJude said...

OH my snail mail...
Darcy Altaville
500 Ave. K
Matamoras, PA 18336

artsyfran said...

stunning first postcard! Keep at it! :) xoxo, Fran

Judy Scott said...

CONGRATULATIONS it is fabulous Wendy,
xxxx Jude xxxx

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