Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now is the time when I get REALLY tired of the snow. I'm not at all interested in taking outdoor photos. Even the sunrises and sets hold little interest. We finally had a warmer day last Saturday and then later it was pouring rain. That was followed by back to the freezer for a couple of days with wind chills - YUCK! So now even on the days when it is finally warming a bit there are hard drifts of snow AND extremely slippery walking surfaces. :-)))) Thank goodness for ART! I LOVE HER :D

Now that I have my artroom and the basement nearly organized (just a few finishing touches) I can finally get back to being creative every day. And that other project is right now on the front burner. Stay tuned.

I tossed together another video yesterday morning. I'm really having fun making them and using that side of my creativity. I've been doing more journal pages lately. I'm finding them good for practicing techniques and experimenting. this one is called FINDING STRENGTH

Firefox, which I typically use, is giving me grief about the still for the video. It seems to appear quite nicely on explorer. Please let me know if you have any difficulties with the videos.
to find all the videos please visit here.

finding strength

I liked how this image looked when I put it to sepia also:

"strength" in sepia


BlueJude said...

I'm really enjoying these videos, it really puts a personal twist on things. I like this one a lot. Now you have me wanting to do one! Ok I'll just put it on "the list"! Happy Weekend Windy!

windy angels said...

Thanks BJ.
Making videos is so much fun :D You'd enjoy it for certain.

A happy weekend to you too and angels be with you,

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