Saturday, February 09, 2008

The weather AND my almost ready to dance in art room:
I am practically humming with excitement, even though we are having bitterly cold weather. The windchills are something like -49 degrees C which is, I believe, about -58 degrees F. I haven't stepped out yet. Might still take the dog for a few steps down the back lane (alley) ;-)

Have you found that in order to organize many diverse pieces you must first separate all the pieces? That's the stage I'm at now with all my papers. YUCK. Just so there's a space to walk through to get to my art space. I am getting so close though. I can almost feel the excitement. I have made a deal with self to not do any more art until... Oh YES! I can hardly wait. Weeelll - I have started another video. I can't complete it though until the space is ready to launch. I need to do some taping on the turquoise blue bedspread in that room.

In the meantime here are some videos I've been trying to cheer myself with.

Angels be with you,


Janet said...

Having an organized art room is great but the only problem is mine never stays that way once I start creating! I hope you have better luck with that.

Brrr!! If it's that cold I think I'd just stay inside all the time!

valerie said...

keep going you'll get there and waht fun you will have when you do


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetheart, for goodness' sake stay indoors! that temperature sounds dangerous to me :( my teeth are chattering just from thinking about it! I'm sending huge warm hugs as I write...
one more week of full-time classes for me and then I have to attend once a week for the next three months. not so bad.. these three full-time weeks have felt like an eternity, though.
I am so inspired by your perseverance with clearing your space, and your amazing videos. I sing and dance along with you whenever I get the chance :D
Thanks for sharing so much Joy. And for all the Angels...
Huge, warm hugs and loads of love.
Suze xXx

BlueJude said...

Geez, and I was complaining about our 12 and 20 degree weather! OH MY! Stay warm, sweet Windy and have a Happy V Day!

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