Friday, February 29, 2008

Etsy - I AM REGISTERED! Now I have to get my shop set up. Hmmpphhh. We have to go to the farm for the weekend and as usual I have run out of time. Would have helped if dog hadn't met up with a piece of metal in the yard last night when we were playing fetch and gotten a couple of nasty gashes on his leg. He's been very good about going to vet and getting a bandage put on. It's not infected so saves the cost of antibiotics. I'm no sure how things will go at the farm as he usually loves to run and play.
My password has already given me problems also for starting to set up shop. Next week looks kind of BUSY but hopefully I'll get things in gear. Stay tuned. My shop name will be angelsdreams.

I also didn't quite finish a video that I was working on. I have about three happening at the same time. Actually I think it's four.

I'll try to get a picture here before we leave for the farm.

details of "the bag"

A couple of links to check out. My friends Mary Ann and Karen have some exciting giveaways happening. Take a moment to leave a comment.

Please note that I've put a survey in the sidebar. I'd be very happy if you take a moment to vote.

Angels be with you


Janet said...

Yay! You did an Etsy shop, too! I just got mine set up a few days ago. Be sure to let us know when you get it all finished.

As for your survey, I think it's your blog and you should do whatever you like! I find on mine that the larger photos seem to cut things off in my sidebar and they take longer to upload.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
Just stopping in to say Hi.
We started to calf.
Hope all is well with you . You changed your blog.
Nice change.
Love Lisa xo

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the progress with Etsy, sweetheart. Very much looking forward to seeing what's in your store :) Know that I am constantly thinking of you, just that life is so chaotic here at the minute. Hope you got my email. Love you dearly, Angel.
Blessings, always...and warm hugs ((x))
Suze xXx

BlueJude said...

Get that etsy shop goin girl! Hope your March is off to a great start!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Yay! An Etsy Wendy. I wish I lived closer because I would have come over and helped you a bit before you went to the farm. I am soooooo excited because I love your things. Thank you for adding my link to your post. I love your videos too. I can't wait to see your shop. Blessings, Karen

windy angels said...

Hello. Just so you know this past week has been slightly crazy. The really good thing is I am pampering myself today. I am entering this day with much uplifted spirit and hopefully the massage and hairdo will help to alleviate my jaw pain, headache, and all.
The etsy shop is there - but with no items yet :D (angelsdreams) I'm working on it, in my thoughts if little else.
Karen, I would have loved to have you closer for all your kindness. I feel very isolated here, in many ways.

Angels be with you,
Wendy XO

Anonymous said...

Look, sweetheart! Only 10 days 'til Spring!!! Yay!!!! :D
Love you, Angel. Never stop looking forward to that tea we will share with Karen one day :) Angels ARE with you - massage and hairdo, indeed! ;)

Be well, and know that you are dearly loved.

Much Love, warm hugs and teeny tiny tickles... Always in my thoughts & prayers.
Suze xXx

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