Tuesday, March 11, 2008

angelsdreams.etsy.com is open for business. Amidst all the March madness (yuck, I kind of hate this month) I have managed to put some items in the shop. Please stop by for a visit and bolster my self esteem by hearting me and viewing the items :-) I have many shops bookmarked and will get around to hearting you as soon as I can, hopefully even ordering some items. Please be patient as my circus of a life rolls on. Once we have my folks house emptied and cleaned, mid-April, I will have much more time hopefully to create and share. Spring will also help my energy levels. Send me sunshine if you have any to spare. Send your snow and cold weather in other directions if that is the challenge you are facing now.

Oh, about the sixteen year old - I think prayers for my patience and peace of mind are probably the only things that will help there. Actually today was a reasonably calm day with her. I'll hope for the same tomorrow.

One of the items I've listed in my shop:

mauvish shipping tags

Hopefully able to bring you another video tomorrow and some current art through it.

Angels be with you,


BlueJude said...

YAY YOU! Good Luck with your etsy shop! And hang in there with 16 year old. I know things have been rough for you. Will keep you in prayer. Have a peaceful Wednesday!

windy angels said...

Thank you SO much. I do hope you are having a good week.
Angels be with you,

KarenHarveyCox said...

I have a sixteen year old daughter too Wendy. I think that we should get an operator's manual when the turn sixteen. She is driving, and everything is fine as long as I don't have to say "No", then there is lots and lots of drama. I was thinking of writing a devotional of scripture especially for those of us that are in the middle of teenage drama. Isn't this photo of yours gorgeous. I love the colors...simply magical. Blessings, Karen

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