Tuesday, March 18, 2008

eyes and voice:

I'll only take a few minutes now to introduce a couple of new links. I have decided to start a new blog which contains only my photos and slideshows of my art. I'll get a link in the sidebar shortly. Take a peek and let me know what you think - windyangelsEyEs.

You can find a link to St. Peter's Chorus, the group with which I have been singing for many years, at this site. It is a work in progress by one of our group members. I think he's been doing a terrific job with this and other creating for the Chorus. Thanks Manny.

I may not have time to be with you here until late March, early April. Please remember to stop by for a visit at my etsy shop if you have a spare moment. I am having very little time for creating now and adding to my shop but your visits are so heartwarming. I am investigating professional printing of my photos. This is being a challenge added to many other challenges right now. Hopefully I'll learn something soon. I also feel up lifted when I get extra views on any of my videos. Thanks to everyone for your support.

May angels be with you as you traverse through this Holy Week. If you are a friend that celebrates the Passover I understand that is not celebrated until April. I will hope to think of you at that time.

As spring and Easter approach I wish many angels to be with you,

Wendy XO

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