Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For those who love etsy and those who love art: I just got this link in one of the etsy newsletters which I have been receiving on a regular basis. It leaves me drooling just looking at the post. I can hardly wait to visit the shops. I am familiar already with a couple of them.
I am also left chomping at the bit to get much more creating done and to think seriously about what I might do for my banner. I love playing with the banners but that too has to take time.
Don't miss my yesterday's post. She smiles.

Angels be with you as you create.


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Wendy, That was some amazing list of artists. Thank you for pointing me in that direction. I will take some time and check them out in the next week. I also went back to look at some of your photo's and your writing. It always makes me feel calm. Susan

BlueJude said...

Great Link! Some fantastic work. And your shop is lookin good. NOW speaking of etsy, stop by my blog when you have a minute for some exciting Good News regarding etsy! Thanks and Happy Tuesday!

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