Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"I had only to look. She was there - always?"

This art journal page was started in February for valentine's day lol I did the background in the colours that were my faves at the moment. I was once again surprised to see, very clearly, parts of a face within the background which I had done so randomly. I had sketched in the face exactly as I was seeing it. The page was then set aside and forgotten. I had actually been planning to do a video with the page. I was drawn to it a couple of days ago and immediately was struck by a need to just darken the sketching with my black caran d'ache crayon.

"I had only to look. She was there - always?"


Anonymous said...

something stirs...

I don't know how I missed that video the first time round, Angel. I LOVE it. The music is hauntingly beautiful.

You are coming into your time of year! This is a really exciting project, Wendy. Such rich, beautiful colours & such a wonderful apparition... Relax & enjoy this process, sweetheart. It seems like a special one :)

Breathe deeply & trust your instincts. Most of all, smile! Angels are taking care of everything :D

Love you xXx Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Thanks Beautiful. I know the angels are there for me. Thank you for being one of them. I think the Karen angel has done something to help me too.

Much love,
Any prayers for help to be calm are definitely appreciated.

BlueJude said...

JUICY...I love this! And the pages below too. You seem to be growing in another direction with those. maybe it's just me.
Anyhoo, have a great weekend Windy!

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