Thursday, September 25, 2008

the point is ... it's OK to PLAY

Very late with week 7 of collage with crowabout BUT as Nance was busy with moving this past Saturday I was still able to do it before the new collage page was presented :-)
It doesn't really matter as I'm not much into following rules and directions these days. It does present an extra component of challenge if you are trying to meet a deadline for a submission :-)

I am at somewhat of a standstill with unpacking boxes from the fire we had in our house over four months ago. The carpenters still have a tiny fix up to do. I think we have something like 14 boxes left in the living room to unpack. There are at least that many in the basement yet and perhaps that many in boxes from the bedrooms combined. Sounds like lots BUT when you consider there were probably over 400 all together, well, you get the picture. The bills from the cleaners came in a while ago. They total $33,000 plus. We started adding up our own bills last night. Thank goodness for insurance!
When asked how I am these days, all I can say is "tired". And so I present the point is ... it's OK to PLAY This piece was done entirely on the computer. The background was found yesterday at Dover Publications which I came across at Inspire me Thursday. I haven't visited there for ages - really glad I took a moment to stop by. I put many words on the background, together with a border. Then I proceeded to add the collage elements. I toned it down more with a light paint spray and put one of my own images on. The extra words and buttons were also added digitally. I'm not very good with the freehand lettering on the computer but it turned out alright. The point is ... it's OK to PLAY (I remembered).

I have the video about gel transfers 99.9% finished. If you've not yet seen it, I did a post about tape and contact paper transfers. I've also been working on my etsy shop to get it rejuvenated. Of course there are always interesting links I have to check when I am in the process :-) Here's something neat to check if you have your own shop. Be certain to check the Monday posts. That's where the giveaways are announced lol

Just a touch of what's happening today. I have to do some tearing and gluing for journal backgrounds. Hopefully some time to paint a spot also.
I'll try to be back at you shortly (day or two) with that video. Until then,
angels be with you.


KarenHarveyCox said...

Your blog is looking gorgeous, and this collage is lovely. I got a big surprise today, I went to the mailbox and there was my package. What a generous giveaway. OMG, I love everything, and I am going to write about it for Monday's post and link everyone here. Did you paint that scarf? I know how creative you are. Well have a beautiful Sunday.
Blessings, Karen

las palabras mágicas said...

I have a happy song for you today, I hope you like it. And yesss! There should be play against all odds!

Love, have a great week!

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