Saturday, September 06, 2008

slow going but finding time to create

This is a tiny spot that I can show from the upstairs room which is mostly mine. It is the only room upstairs besides the bathroom which has not been painted since we moved into our house over twenty years ago. I am planning to paint it yet, sometime, but we first need to get the rest of the house more in shape. I am planning to have an inspiration wall, or two in this room - only need to decide how to achieve that. I would prefer not to cover it with bulletin board material but not certain otherwise. I have to do more studying of what others have done. I remember seeing a spectacular wall of an artist BUT can't remember where - maybe it was in a magazine, in which case I may never find it again lol
I am thinking of doing the walls multi-coloured. I may do some flowers or something too. I'm sure it won't be happening for awhile. I'd also like to pull the rug from the floor but that also could be a challenge. This is what a friend and I did in daughter's room a few years ago(mostly my friend - who is an artist living in British Columbia.)

Not the greatest photo but you get idea of the floor. There had been rug on the floor and we found old vinyl tile underneath. I love this effect. Sigh - some day.

I'll show the first couple of steps here of how I played with that skirt I showed in a previous post.

I then did further embellishment but now wish I had used a tea dye or something so the white does not look so crisp. I think I'll still try applying some tea dye. I might try that tomorrow - maybe I can show you on Monday.

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