Tuesday, December 02, 2008

taking time for art, occasionally, while preparing for Christmas:
I try very much not to get all wound up in a knot about Christmas preparations but still it is a busy time of year. We are almost done putting the house back together after nearly everything had been removed following the fire in May. The flooring people are actually here redoing the tiny back entrance as what they had done was not quite right.
I am almost feeling that the opportunity to do the major culling and organizing of most of our belongings was really a very wonderful gift. It was extremely time and energy consuming but that is alright.

The above piece was just a simple journal page displaying one of the new stamps I had carved a few weeks ago. I had done a couple more but they will have to wait until after Christmas for some repair.

Please remember to check my "wonders of winterland" blog where I have been making changes over the days.
Angels be with you dear friends as you proceed through this very busy time of the year. I will pray that you might have some moments to "be still" and "be awake" as you prepare for the coming of the Christ child.


Fran Saperstein said...

Hello, beautiful angel! I'm so glad the repairs are almost done and that you're at a point where you can look at the positives of the whole thing. I know this is a crazy busy time of year. Know that you are loved and my thoughts are with you!
xo, Fran

BlueJude said...

FANTASTIC! Enjoyed catching up. Happy Wednesday W!

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