Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Leaves Falling Up" ~ and they happen to be in a jade green colour which I discovered while playing with water colours. I've been wanting to try watercolours for a time. I touched on them very momentarily while taking an artcourse about eight or nine years ago. This was the time when one of the students asked why I was just sitting there and not really doing art. Lil, the very kind teacher said "that's what she needs to be doing (thinking, relaxing)." Now I tiptoe into this venture of watercolour with an extremely open mind. It may take me some time to find something truly worth sharing with the world. I do love this colour I discovered while playing and started painting leaves. Much of the paper was already filled with other colours I like, hearts, which I felt the need to paint, and some purple eyes which intrigue. The leaves are falling up. I like them.


firstborn said...

there is something very serene about this piece...perhaps the blue colors & the leaves seem to be gently falling...very nice!

Suzie Q said...

I like them, too, Wendy... I love the blue background, and I love that the leaves are 'falling up'!
Like Mary Ann says, there is something very graceful about your painting; calm & serene...

Amazing what we can do when we stop procrastinating! ;) Thanks for your lovely comments, Wendy.
Wishing you Peace..

Nancy Baumiller said...

Falling up! I like that! I love the colours very much...I also getting a calming feel from this..It is a nice feeling.
Discovery is wonderful isn't it! :) The process is most enjoyable also! Great work Wendy!

himavant said...

yea... nice blue hue!

artbyjune said...

Serene and calming!

nirmala said...

i luv blue too..and doing in water colors its so refreshing...nice one

StegArt said...

Great Wendy, it can be fun to just play with no real purpose. I've recently discovered this myself and have found out how much I can learn from it.

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