Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pretending to be an artist: Creativity seems to come naturally to me and I believe I have an eye for recognizing beauty. That is why I create. I have a tendency to fiddle with wire and beads and paper and fabric and thread. Until recently I've not allowed myself to do much "playing". I've decidied that now is the time to get into mixed media and collage because that is what I have a passion to do and because there is so much more freedom in these areas now. But as a challenge I've decided to allow myself to play with drawing and hopefully give myself courage to let that be. I don't want to achieve perfection. I just want to have fun. Part of the difficulty in the past with "having fun" is that I rarely have been able to complete a project. Often the procrastination and fear took over. If it was something I had to complete I would end up in a dither. I was recently told that an artist is often 10 years ahead with ideas. I was told to "Just do it!" Now that I have a deadline of every (give or take) Thursday, I can grow accustomed to trying to finish something without the need for panic.
I must be brave now and show you what I've done. I'm trying to be gentle with myself and congratulatory for even trying. I realized with the second picture that the left eye's not quite right. My attempt to fix was not really successful. I should say that it's a picture of our dog ~ just so you don't mistake it for some sad misfit of a monster. ;o)


Karen said...


Keep up with your drawing, you won't regret it. It will take you in directions you hadn't anticipated and open you to new experiences. Especially, try to draw your pets every day as you've done so delightfully with your dog. They're with us such a short period of time.

windyangel said...

Thanks Karen. How true about pets.

Suzie Q said...

Oh, the procrastination & fear ~ how they can ruin your fun, eh?! I think we must be twin souls, Wendy, as I cannot believe how similar our thoughts are!

I love these weekly challenges for the same reason, as a way of overcoming that fear of deadlines..
Well done for 'just doing it', keep up the good work ~ as Karen says, you'll never regret it! I must try sketching my own gorgeous hound! ;)

Suzie xXx

~Gina said...

Very nice! Such soulful eyes.

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