Saturday, August 26, 2006

The weight of the world's sadness - on my very own shoulders. I've no idea why but so often it feels that I am carrying the weight of the world's sadness right there. There are wonderful friends to help bear the weight but I can't seem to give it up willingly.

Yesterday we went to pick up our daughter at camp. She loves camp. She's been there many times. This time was different because of the death of our cousin as the 27th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan. The decision was to wait until we got home to tell her because she's usually so tired, and the drive is long - nearly three hours.

There is always a closing service in the Chapel, which parents are invited to attend. Every time I sit in this wonderful building and listen to the campers singing, with voices clear, voices loud, I am nearly brought to tears. I am very happy to see these young people coming so close to God. It lifts my heart to see teen boys singing out, clapping and saying "I, I, I love Jesus" and repeating it over and over again. They stand on the benches and practically shout it out, with such conviction.

Yesterday was different. I had to leave. I was crying and crying. This time they were not tears of joy. This time they were not for the campers. The tears were not for David who so bravely gave his life to help the people of Afghanistan. They were not for his mother or siblings or friends or Aunties or his Grandpa and Grandma. These tears were all about the children of Afghanistan and every other country where children have been caught up in the ravages of war. These tears are for those mothers, those fathers, those siblings, those aunties and uncles and grandparents. These tears are for the victims of tsunamis and hurricanes. These tears are for victims of abuse. These tears are about children. These tears are about FAMILY. These tears are about "one world, one future, for the children".

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Suzie Q said...

My heart goes out to you, Wendy, and my prayers are for Peace...

One Love xXx

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