Tuesday, August 21, 2007

About etsy:
I like to look at slide shows on flickr sometimes while my hands are tied up for a couple of minutes and my brain is not. Today I decided to check etsy groups and came across this fabulous pool where they were discussing etsy shops and selling. As I am "oh so close" I decided that's where I needed to look today. I came across these tutorials about etsy shops and a lady whose been very successful there. The tutorials will be extremely beneficial I'm certain. How are your etsy sales going? I'll see you there soon.

blazing clouds


Melba said...

Great link.
I got lost in it for a minute...so much to learn about Etsy...
I am part of a street team. I like it as there are many ideas. not as much community as I had hoped for, but then I guess everything is what one makes it.


littleputbooks said...

Wow, fantastic colors!!!!

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