Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Teeny-tiny watercolour and a befuddlement: Watercolour again done quickly. Inspire me Thursday had watercolor for the theme this week also and so I squeezed in this quick 3.5 x 5 inch watercolour based on the photograph. I'm feeling better with this but would really like to get into it more. I used a black uniball for the details and added a tiny bit with caran d'ache crayons again.

Life is kind of a befuddlement at this time. I won't go into details but will ask for prayers for a high school good friend that had a baseball sized tumour removed in a major surgery yesterday. I just learned of it this afternoon. Her name is Jeanne.
There are all kinds of other challenges as well but know that I am doing very well considering and that for some reason numerous people keep sending me angels in spirit and angel pictures and all kinds of angels. Thank you sincerely.


Angels be with you,


BlueJude said...

The watercolor is very evocotive. Keep on...keep on! lol

suzie q said...

Ah yes, befuddlement... you & I both, dear Angel :) I love your painting, and hope you get chance to do more soon..
Blessings, and Much Love..
Suze xXx

karen said...

Experiment? This is outstanding. When I saw this on my Photos from my contacts I zoomed right in...What a wonderful painting, Wendy. I love the light and the beautiful feeling of this. Blessings, Karen

BlueJude said...

OH WINDY....You have an award waiting for you! Go by my blog and check it out!

Anonymous said...

I love this watercolour painting, such delicate work and colours.
I hope Jeanne will be fine!
love Debra in NZ x

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